Come visit Ship-Trap Island!!!!

It's fun for the hunter inside of you.

Our island is the best place to visit with your family.

If you are a hunter this island is a great place for you, and even if your not it's still a great place to visit with your family. Our elete staff will help make sure you have the best time during your visit. There is General Zaroff, our activity director, Ivan, our deaf security gaurd, Rainsford and Whitney, our tour guides. The general quotes "where you will have a great time," Ivan quotes "You will have to worry about nothing, I will protect you" Rainsford quotes, "You will have a good time with our hunting."

Our fun activitys other than hunting

Our founder Richard Connell!

He was born on october 17, 1893. His father worked as an editor and reporter. At the age of 18 he got a job of an editor. He served in WW1 as the camps newspaper editor. When he returned he married Louise Fox in 1919. He died in 1956.

warning: there are animals that are very dangerous and can kill you and or your family

Our Staff.

General Zeroff our amazing activity director, Ivan our security gaurd, Ransford, our top tour guide, and Whitney our second best tour guide, Ransford and whitney are great tour guides that came here and liked it so much they stayed, and General Zeroff and Ivan have helped this island come up to what it is today