Recipe For A Perfect World

By: Phillip


  • 1 world
  • 1 billion
  • Infinite food and water
  • 1 billion of cups peace happiness and honesty
  • 5 million kilograms of equality and best friends
  • 1 billion cups of technology
  • Infinite amount of kindness

Steps or Things You Do

  • Step 1 : put together 1 world and 1 billion people so the people have some where to live.
  • Step 2 : mix an infinite amount of food and water with an infinite amount of kindness to make the people take care of each other.
  • Step 3 : mix 1 billion cups of peace, happiness and honesty with 5 million kilograms of equality and best friends to make everybody the same and to have no violence and so people can have happy lives.
  • Step 4 : mix all the ingredients with 1 billion kilograms of technology to create a city and build useful buildings and transport.

You have made Perfect World!