Skyhawk Testing Update 3-5

December 1, 2015

Interim Testing Grades 3-5

Interim Tests will be scheduled in early December.

Make sure that all students have access to the Online Tools Training PRIOR to taking the Classroom Diagnostic Tests. The Online Tools Training can be accessed via the following URL now:

The classroom teacher can pull up the Online Tools Training in the classroom and walk through the training as a group in grades 3-5 All students need the opportunity to have hands on experience on a computer or iPad with the Online Tools Training.

I STRONGLY recommend doing the Online Tools Training as often as you can prior to your testing date.

The technology team will be pushing out the app to all teacher computers. By November 30, teachers should be able to run the Online Tools Training from the app on their Ipads for a more authentic experience. The app will appear as a shortcut on the desktop for PC machines and in the Applications folder on MACs.

Testing times were initially estimated at 45-90 minutes; however, we are finding these times to be conservative. To be safe, please plan for 2 hours per test. If need be, students can pause the test and log in at a later time.

The Classroom Diagnostic Tests are computer-adaptive. This means that depending on a student's response, he/she will be directed to a more difficult or easier item. This means that the items could be a grade 1 item or a grade 8 item. The MAP will NOT be computer-adaptive this spring. Additionally, the items types are different than what will display on the spring MAP tests. For these reasons, teachers should not make instructional changes based on the items in the Classroom Diagnostic Tests. There are reports at the end of testing that will provide more accurate information to inform instruction.

Also, please reassure students that there will be content that has not been covered. They are not expected to know everything. This can help diffuse anxiety.

Testing Schedule: Copy Provided. Third grade will be testing last on the schedule to give them time to get acquainted with the tools.