What's New in Room 182

Mrs. Peters' 3rd Grade * May 13, 2016

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed."

Teamwork was a driving force in our learning this week, and I could not be more proud of how students worked with such a variety of partners on a multitude of tasks. This quote (thank you, Napoleon Hill) says it all. Our learning continues in full force, and I am thankful for all the time we have left to learn together this year!

Mrs. Peters

Thank you, Mr. Helm-Hoff!

Today, we were surprised by Mike Helm-Hoff, Owen's dad, as our Mystery Reader! Their family recently went to see the Minneapolis Children's Theatre Company's production of Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Musical, so that inspired his book choice. Whether we knew the story already or not, we were all glued to Greg's descriptions of his adventures (and misadventures) in middle school!

And thanks to so many brave parents, teachers, and special guests, our Mystery Reader slots are FULL for the year! I could not have imagined the enjoyment and connections this idea could bring to our class this year, so THANK YOU. We hope to see you around school again soon... you're celebrities in our eyes now, you know!

Focus on the Curriculum


  • Weekly suffix: -ance, -ence (state or quality of)

Please make sure your student completes their Sort & Glue Matching Activity in their Learning Log.

Also, they must complete five Spelling City activities at home (via web or free app) during the week to practice. Tuesday night when they bring home their iPads is a great time for this!

  • Main Idea / Nonfiction

We will conclude our work with nonfiction and main idea this week, though continue with biographies. Students' thinking has evolved around our essential question of: "Is everything in nonfiction factual?" Be sure to ask your third grader about their ideas!


  • Chapter 9: Measurement
We will also wrap up our measurement unit this week. Please review elapsed time and measuring to the nearest half inch as often as possible!

There will be NO new Math homework this week, due to Math NWEA.

Field day volunteers needed

Click here to sign up to help out on June 7th and/or 8th!

iPad summer update

From this week's EPS Parent Post:

Summer Device Opt-In Opportunity

To support continuous learning over the summer, students who have completed grades 3 through 11 will be eligible to take their district issued device home over the summer months and keep it through the school year. This will empower students to experience more learning opportunities even when they are not in the presence of a teacher. For students who want to take advantage of this opportunity, digital content will be provided by the district and hosted in Schoology. It is an "opt-in" model, meaning that if students would like to participate, they will need a new iLearn agreement signed by parents/guardians. The new iLearn agreements will be handed out via hard copy at individual schools.


MATH NWEA this week - Tuesday & Wednesday

Please make sure your student gets a great night's rest and eats a filling breakfast to be ready for testing. Also, our room can be chilly, so an extra sweater or light jacket might be helpful!

Phy. Ed. (Day 2) - Thursday (May 19) this week!

Don't forget your tennis shoes!


We will NOT have our regular scheduled library time this week, but students can always go as needed during their literacy rotations.

Overdue book notices went home yesterday. Please double-check with your third grader about any missing or overdue materials.