Course Reflection

CUIN 3313

Assignment I am most proud of

The assignment I am most proud of is the virtual tour. In this assignment I worked with a fellow classmate. Our virtual tour is about the University of Houston. We chose 16 important locations of U of H and took the pictures of the location ourselves. We provided a small description of where each location is and why it is important.I have provided a link of the PowerPoint presentation in which we did our virtual tour!

What I learned

What I learned from this assignment is that it is very important to have an outline and checklist of what is needed to begin the presentation. We listed all the places and their description and them out them in order based off location.

These are some of the pictures we included in our virtual tour!

How can I improve next time?

One way to improve my virtual tour next time is to maybe do it in a website where it is more engaging for users. I saw some of my fellow classmates presentation and I really liked the tool she used. I believe it was This would also be a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and explore with new technologies!

General Reflections on the class

During the course of the semester I have leaned so much! I was able to learn different web 2.0 tools which can be very useful when presenting and what not. I was able to learn about so many different tools, tools which I never even thought of. For example, these include, Voki, easypolls, wordle, toondoo, and so many more!