The American Revolution

Mr.Rocha 8th Grade Journalist

Info.about the american revolution

political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783.Where colonists in the 13 colonies didn't want the British monarchy and aristocracy.Overthrew the authority of Great Britain and revealed which is now called United States of America starting 1765 members of the colonial society didnt want the authority of British Parliament to tax them without representatives(Taxation without Representation) in the goverment.During the following decade,protest by colonist patriots from paliament had the power and favor of East India Company.British then responded by imposing laws in which were coercive acts on massachusetts in 1774 until all tea had been paid for.Also Patriots in the other colonies rallied behind masachusetts.tensions were created to the outbreak of fighting between patriot militia and british regulars at lexington and cocord.During which the patriots fought british and loyalists in what became known as American Revolutionary War(1775-1783)Patriot leadership proffesed political philioshores of liberalism and repubulicanism and proclaimed all men are created equal.United States took posesion of nearly all the territory east of missisipi river and south of great lakes.Americans already contributed to defense of empire.

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paid 25,000 soldiers to fight .France spent many millions from American treasuries so in the French and Indian War alone.In 1765, The Sons of Liberty formed used demonstrations boycott,violence and threats to ensure that the British tax were unforceable.In Boston,the Sons of Liberty burned records of the vice.Admirally had to consult the home of the chief justice,Thomas Hutchison. Several legislatures called for united action .Nine colonies sent delegates to the Stamp Act congress in New York City.Starting that taxes passed without representatives violated their rights as Englishmen.Peace of Treaty in 1783,confirmed in the new nation's complete seperation from British Empire .Among the significant results of the revolution was the creation of elected representative government responsible to the will of the people.Which was a result of the Three Fifths Compromise allowed the southern slaveholders to consilidate the America for another eighty years. New constitutions established a relatively federal national government that included execlutive national judicial .United States,Bill of Rights of 1791 comprimised the first 10 amendments to the constitution.

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on March 5,1770 a large mob gathered around a group of British soldiers.Mob grew more threathning ,throwing snow balls,rocks,and debris at the soldiers.One soldier was dubbed and fell.There was no order to fire but the soldiers fired onto the people anyway.Two people died and one of them was Crispus Attucks.Event quickly came to be known as the Boston Massacre.Although the soldiers were tired and acquitted(defended by John Adams).The widespread descriptions soon became propoganda to turn colonial sentiment against British.Benjamin Franklin post-master general for the colonies,acknowledged that he had the letters which led to him being berated by British officials and got fired from his job.This temporerily resolved the crisis and the boycott of British goods largely ceased,with only the more radical patriots such as Samuel Adams continuing to agitate.