Motivation: Why we do what we do...

Activities for Tuesday, January 20th

INFORM: Quiz - Motivation DUE!!!

Tuesday, Jan. 20th, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Please do not forget to complete your Motivation Quiz no later than tonight!

INSTRUCT: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

From where are you motivated to do well in your AP Psychology course? Is it something that comes from you? or is it something you are doing for someone or something else?Please review the following tables comparing Intrinsic vs, Extrinsic Motivation. Then, look at the example AP Psychology students in the table that follows.
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CELEBRATE: V0lunteering for MLK, Jr. Day!

Thank you to those who chose to spend your Monday volunteering to help your communities. Thank you, Taylor, for taking time to email me to let me know how you helped your community!

Taylor helped organize a 5k for her school, to raise money for a group of students to travel to Atenas, Costa Rica. Atenas suffers from some of the worst water-related issues in the world, and the students planning to go and improve their sanitation, and teach their students about water safety. Good Job!

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