Leaves are Falling!

PK 4.4 Ms. Geneva & Ms. Rebekka

Dear Parents,

We are learning so much about trees!! We have focused on the parts of the tree as well as its color, smell, bark etc.

Children have been exposed to vocabulary all around the classroom, including books, posters, songs, and poems.

Our upcoming questions for the week are:

- Who lives in Trees?

- What food comes from Trees?

Please ask your child the following question:

- What do you know about trees? (parts of trees)

- What can we make with trees?

Thank you so much for being an important part of our children's learning!

Books of the Week

Song and Poem of the Week

Song : Leaves are Falling

Leaves are falling

Leaves are falling

All around

All around

Brown and yellow leaves

Red and orange too

On the ground

On the ground

Poem: A Tree My Size

This tree is Wide

This tree is Tall

This tree is Thin

This tree is Small

Beautiful trees

I see with my Eyes

But the one I like

Is exactly my Size

We LOVE to learn about TREES!


- Spring break March 30th- April 3rd (NO SCHOOL).

-Parent Conferences will be taking place April 14 and 15 ( more information to come).

-We are still collecting recycled material!!

-The 4th grade Book sale will take place April 7th.