Hurts the Nations

Debates about slavery never gets old. People in the south think slavery is all good but in reality slavery is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. People have different views on them, and therefore hurts countries politically and create drama that's not worth the time. If we abolish slavery, we won't have to worry about that issue. That would be one less headache, and one less heartache.

We are humans and are all equal

Has your mother every told you that? I know mine has maybe thats why I dont think slavery is right. using someone as a slave hurts not just them but think about there family's, how could you live with knowing you tore apart a son from a mother and father? More importantly, it hurts the person who's serving as the slave. that person could potentially become someone important to the world, holding them in chains/making them do your dirty work is no way to treat people and could make us miss out on something they could do.
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People deserve to be free

Despite the color of the skin, gender, or sexual preference nobody is different and nobody should be treated like a slave because nobody is a slave that is not right for people to wip, shoot, hit,burn, or chain up HUMAN BEINGS.