Contact Lenses

"You can see clearly now"

Why keep having to wear glasses when you can now wear contacts? No more having to switch from regular glasses to prescription sunglasses! No more falling asleep with your glasses on and looking for them when you wake up. Now you can see clearly when you wake up!

Aren't you tired of having heavy glasses resting on your nose? More than 6 in 10 people now wear contacts and they love them! Why don't you give them a try?

Who invented contact lenses?

Leonardo De Vinci introduced the concept of contact lens in 1508, but he did not actually make them. In 1887, Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick and Otto Wichterle worked together to actually invent the contact lens. Whoever does not have perfect vision could wear them.

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When will contact lenses benefit you the most?

Contact Lens will benefit you and come in handy the most when you are reading, at school doing work, or at a job. Without having these, most people would not be able to see very well especially if they don’t want to wear glasses.

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How do they work?

Contact lens are much more than just small eyeglass lenses. Yes, they do function like normal glasses but since they stick to the tear fluid in the eye, they naturally move when a person moves their eye. The smaller size and lighter weight of this corneal contact lens makes it far more comfortable to wear. Earlier contact lenses were harder and uncomfortable for many people to wear.

Why are contact lenses so important to others?

Contact Lenses are so important because people are able to play sports more safer rather than trying to wear sports glasses. People are also able to wear regular sunglasses in the summer without having to switch prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses back and forth. This might change a lot of people’s lives by not having the extra expense of sports glasses or prescription sunglasses.

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