Catawba River Basin

Joselin carias 5/12/16


It is from the slope of grandfather mountain, near Blowing Rock, to the mountains near ridgeclest, NC.
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Major Cities In the River Basin

  • Charlotte
  • Rock Hill
  • Catawba
  • Morganton
  • Hickory
  • Asheville
  • Great Falls
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Counties in the River Basin

  • Upper and wilson Creek s in Burke counties
  • Caldwell county
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Headwaters / source Region

  • Spring-fed McDowell county
  • Majestic river
  • Lake Wateree
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Drains or empties?

  • It drains in the piedmont
  • In the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston
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Total miles of the river

  • Total miles 9,389 miles

Overall size of river basin

  • 3,285 Square miles
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Population of Residents

  • 1,170,512 (2000 U.S Census)

Tourist attractions/ Parks/ land areas

  • Catawba Falls
  • The South Fork of the Catawba
  • Murray's Mill Historic site
  • Congaree Swamp
  • Linville George
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  • Ameriurus Brunneus Fish
  • Corpiodes Cyprinus
  • Corpiodes Velifer
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  • Lily Rocky Shoals
  • Lily Hymenocallis palmeri
  • Louisiana Iris iris
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Water Quality

  • Too many nutrients
  • Too little dissolved oxygen
  • Too acidic - Wilson creek, South Fork river, and lake Wylie
  • Sedimentation
  • mercury

Source of water Pollution

  • Pawer plants
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Concentrated Animal feeding operations
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Prevent Pollution

  • Get educated
  • Skip fertilization
  • Eat organically
  • Don't empty you aquarium into material bodies of water.
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3 bottles from the revolutionary war. The Civil war, and World war 2 were fought among the Catawba's Banks.
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