All About Pakistan

By: Madelyn Andrews

About the Pakistan Flag

The Pakistan flag is green and white.

It has a moon and a star on it

Adopted in 1947

Designed by Syed Amir-Udden Kewaii.

The white part of the flag represents the minorities

The green represents the Muslim majority.

The crescent means progress.

The Five stars mean knowledge.

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Where is Pakistan?

Pakistan is located in South-Central Asia.

Pakistan shares 4 land borders with Iran, India, China and Afghanistan.

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Pakistan's Population and Capital

Pakistan is populated with about 188,144,040 people!

Pakistan's capital is Islamabad. About 2 million people live in Islamabad.

Facts About the Capital:

Islamabad houses the fourth largest mosque. A mosque is a muslim place of worship.

Pakistan's top rank 2 universities are located in Islamabad.

Pakistan Language

Pakistan has only one official language.

The official language is English, but, Pakistan's nation language is Urdi.

Of course everybody does not speak Urdi and English.

Some people speak Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, and more.

What Do They Wear?

Both men and women wear an outfit called shalwar kameez. Women can wear it in different styles. Men also wear headgear such as a fez.

Women wear the shalwar kameez, too. They have to wear dupattas. Dupattas are like scarves. They cover the top of the head.

In Pakistan and many countries around Pakistan such as Afghanistan, women must wear things that cover their heads. They technically have to be dressed head-to-toe in lose clothing. Women are not allowed to wear makeup or paint their nails.