Project Management for Teachers

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Project Management - Increase your project management skills and techniques

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Course Description

This project management professional certification course offers a comprehensive review of project management such as methodology, tool sets and documentation, and the project life cycle including analysis, planning, design and evaluation. The course also includes a project management case study.

With project management in great demand internationally, the diploma in project management course will greatly enhance your career prospects.

Target groups

Teachers (Preschool, primary, Secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools, adult education professionals, parents, other interested person


After completing this course the learner will be able to:

Learning outcomes:
Learn project management. Upon completion of this course, you will understand what needs to be considered when planning a project and the various phases of the system development life cycle. You will have a good understanding of the project management methodology and be more familiar with project management tools such as Gantt and PERT charts. You will also gain knowledge of different types of documentation such as program, system, technical, paper-based, electronic, and specialist user documentation that help to show how a project has been set up."

Course Programme:

DAY 1:

Project management overview

Project management methodology

Project management toolset

Project management documentation

System development life cycle

DAY 2:

The planning phase

The analysis phase

The design phase

The implementation phase

The use/evaluation phase

DAY 3:

Project management case study

Information Technology case study

Toolset case study

GANTT charts case study

Documentation case study

DAY 4:

System development life cycle case study

The planning phase case study

Feasibility study case study

The planning phase case study

The analysis phase case study

DAY 5:

The analysis phase case study 2

The design phase case study

Implementation phase case study 1

DAY 6:

Implementation phase case study 2

Evaluation phase case study

Implementation phase case study

DAY 7:

Case study conclusion

Project Management Assessment

Financial conditions - Fee

  • The course fee – 600 € for a 7 days course. Amount includes preparation for the course, tuition, training materials, administration costs, organizational costs, half-day excursion and VAT. (Without travel)
  • We can provide you very nice and comfortable hotels. All expenses is covered by EU in Erasmus+ School and Erasmus+ Adult project.
  • We can organise extra cultural activities.

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