Romeo and Juliet

By, Bo Jirik

I think that Romeo is the reason for the problems

William writes, ¨Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence's cell; There stays a husband to Make you a wife¨(2:5:68-69). This says that Romeo may be leading on Juliet and making things go to quickly and not give enough time for Juliet to think about what she is getting herself into. It also says that Romeo is maybe manipulating Juliet into thinking she loves Romeo. Finally he might just be taking advantage of her just to get over his first love of Rosaline.

Reason 1

Shakespeare writes, ¨It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden¨(2:2:118-119).

This shows that Juliet doesn't want to get married so soon and thinks its so unexpected. This shows that Romeo is rushing things when he should take things slower. If he would have taking things slower the problems wouldn't have been so severe or even fatal. He should've never married Juliet because he should have known the consequences.

Reason 2

Romeo says, ¨Either thou I or, or both, must go with him¨(2:1:131). This say that Romeo wants to either die trying to kill Tybalt, kill him or both die to comfort Mercutio because of how Tybalt killed him. Romeo didn't have to fight Tybalt instead could have left it and not make it worse and let the Prince take care of the troubles.

Some people says that Friar is at fault because he is the one who married them.

William writes, ¨For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households' rancor to pure love¨(2:3:91-92). This shows that the Friar only wants to make things better and to resolve the fighting. He only wants the best for Romeo and Juliet. If he would've known what is going to happen he wouldn't have made the choices he did.
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