Coniferous Forest

By: Alice Green 7th Period

Abiotic, Biotic Factors & Soil Type of the Coniferous Forest


1. Caribou

2. Western Tanager

3. Eastern Milk Snake

Soil Type: Podzol


1. Rocks/Pebbles

2. Soil ( Podzol )

3. Temperature

Interesting Facts about the Coniferous Forest

1. Coniferous means cone bearing or coming from the cones.

2. The main food source in the Coniferous Forest is seeds produced by conifer trees.

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How can we protect this Biome?

1. Well since one of the things that we humans do to this Biome is logging ( Cutting down Trees ) we can try to stop logging or at least try to reduce the number of trees we cut down.

2. Littering, even though it can be a habit we can still try to prevent it.

Humans Harm

1. As noticed in the answer above logging seems to be a big problem in the Coniferous Forest. Since trees reduce Carbin Dioxide whenever we cut trees down, it can result in climate change. Also whenever a tree is cut down, animals loose their homes, not all animals can find another home quickly or even at all, which threatens their existence.

2. Again, like I said in the answer above, littering always seems to be a problem in a lot of places, but just because it happens in other places too, doesn't mean it's not important and serious. Even though it can be a habit or harm animals and the environment we do it anyway and we need to stop and help.

Average Yearly Precipitation & Temperature

300-900 mm

-40 - -20 degrees Celsius in the winter and 10 degrees Celsius in the summer.


This Biome is mainly known for its large amount of pine/needle trees and long winters.
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5 Sentence Summary

This biome has very cold and long winters so the animals have to adapt to many different things. This biome is actually our main source to needle/pine trees! The Coniferous Forest includes the boreal forest which is under the Tundra. Many animals in this biome are in danger because of logging ( cutting down trees ) because they will lose their home! Although the Coniferous Forest is beautiful it can be harsh.