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Is Prostate Surgery a Causal Factor for Erectile Dysfunction?

A prostate surgery is performed as a treatment for prostate cancer. The method is targeted to remove the affected prostate gland. If the surgery was blotched up and most of the sacral nerves were affected, then the person can suffer from severe erectile dysfunction (ED), which cannot be even treated with sexual enhancers like Kamagra tablets. If the surgery went well, even then it can take the individual many months or years to regain intercourse capability, with steady improvements in erectile function.

Immediately after prostate surgery, the person takes time to recover, and erectile ability is very minimal. Within three to six months, betterment can be noted. The person can get feeble or fragile hard on in the beginning, which can be turned to powerful erections with oral medication Penegra 100mg intake. But, if the doctor has suggested averting from sexual activities for duration, then the man should not try engaging in lovemaking or penetration to the partner otherwise it may delay recovery from cancer.

Prostate Surgery and its Effects on Erectile Function

Male impotence can be either related to sexual desire or inability to attain erection, the latter being most common and recurrent after prostate gland removal. About 70% of males responded well to PDE5 inhibitors, while suffering from ED post-prostate surgery. Most of them can engage in self pleasure by getting erection with help of cheap Kamagra medicine that regulates blood supply to penile blood vessels. The muscles of male reproductive organ and its tissues work to support hard on when this medicine is consumed.

However, alternative prostate cancer treatments like hormone and radiation therapy reportedly cause lower risk to ED than surgery. In radiation therapy external beam is used to eliminate tumors, while hormone therapy replaces low testosterone with appropriate levels of required hormone, or reduce overproduction of prostate hormones, lessening tumors. In surgery, special techniques are involved to spare erection giving nerves, when prostate gland is removed. The man can perform in bed ably within a year or two after this procedure.

Treatment of Impotence after Prostate Gland Removal

During ED, the person can utilize non-invasive methods to get penile organ. Some of these ways are stimulation by electric vibrators, vacuum devices etc. Most men prefer to buy Penegra online, an anti-impotence tablet, which has to be downed with water an hour ago intimacy for a robust erection. The medicines are most readily available and allow males to find an easier way out of ED, than using devices which if unclean, can cause infections. The PDE5 inhibitors improve erection by increasing cGMP enzyme and nitric oxide, thus, oxygen and smoking must not be done to affect the medicine’s action.

After the surgical procedure, the patient may even experience dry orgasm. As prostate surgery is a very delicate procedure, certain precautions must be kept in mind when he is using methods to overcome impotence. For e.g. if the doctor has advised against usage of particular ED eliminating technique, his/her advise must be adhered to avert health issues. Some medicines for cancer interact with PDE5 inhibiting pills. Thus, alternative ways can be administered to gain back penile hard on.