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A short distance from the banks of Lake Creating a sandy beach on the shores of the mud. Many Casuarina trees and wooden apple trees were planted Floods that can destroy the beach Embankment. Dense reeds tamil songs lyrics in tamil growing along the coast is At the water's edge. From a distance, scenic view Connecting the tree line from the rushing waters of the North River South West Lake, it seemed like a colorful The newly created painting. A few saw Vanthiyathevan This has increased the sweeter things joyousness Enchanting scene.

The eighteenth day of the festival was to replicate ? Meeting people from nearby villages, dragging their Sandalwood color, covered with layers of crisp vehicles Coconut leaves were coming out. Men, women, children, Wearing new tamil songs lyrics in tamil clothes and even some elderly Come up with different dressings. Bunches As in the hearts of cactus flowers, Chrysanthemum, jasmine, Gardenia, champaka and iruvatchi girls decorated braids.

Tamil songs lyrics in tamil
One of them was having kids throwing knives Culverts and see the applause and laughter To rush through the gates on the petals floated Canals. Some mischievous tamil songs lyrics in tamil youth pluck flowers Heads off and threw their loved ones Water, being cast upon the shore to see them. I stood and watched Vallavarayan Vanthiyathevan At a time. When his ear with some hearing The women sang melodious voice. They sang traditional Boat Music, flood and singing, as well as folk music Kummi and Sindh.

Come, O ye young maidens, Look at the North River on a daily basis ! Come watch, O ye friends, White River rushing Look ! Oh, come all ye women, please See tumbling through the Cauvery ! Such flood flooding songs pleasingly in the ears Vanthiyathevan God. Others sang songs about bravery and reputation Chola kings.

Some women who sang Chola vijayalaya Thirty- two battles fought in his ninety- worn Physical injuries such as jewelry. Other acclaiming performed His son, Aditya Chola, and how he built virattirku All along she was sixty- four Shiva temples - in It jumped into the sea to attend. A woman sang King, who is the son Aditya, parantakan the Chola Popularity Only Pandya and Pallava kings to win But his success was sent an army to Sri Lanka. Each girl sang several people standing around him Listening closely. They tamil songs lyrics in tamil loudly And " b, b " Qatar expressed their happiness ! I noticed an elderly woman who was sitting Vanthiyathevan His horse and listening to all of this.

" Brother! Looks like you If you get tired of that coming from a long distance ! Come This leaves your horse down to eat rice, "he said. Many young girls immediately noticed that our young Traveler. They whispered amongst themselves about the Tomorrow look and laughed. Was Vanthiyathevan On the one hand, and with a certain shame And happiness. He considered for a moment Old dismounting of the food and feed Female.

If he did so, of course, need to gather young courtesans Tease and laugh around. So what ? It is easy to behold the beautiful maidens In one place ? Laughter and fun will also be Heavenly tamil songs lyrics in tamil Music. All the women in my eyes Vallavarayan Tampa appeared in venues such as the Heavenly Lake shore And Maneka ! At the same time, I noticed something towards the southwest Vadavaru along the river flow, and hesitated. Spreading, white, seven or eight large boats Immediately as the white sails filled with wind Vast floating swan with wings. Turned all the people involved in various merriments Boats were chores to see which direction Come.

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One of the boats come forward swiftly Embankment to the west, reached the lake shore. Many well- built men carrying sharp & tamil songs lyrics in tamil shiny Spears Was in the boat. Some of them jumped into the lake Shore and shout " People began to eat ! City ! " People, prior to being pushed around too much Quickly take their goods and belongings The bank started climbing over. Unable Vanthiyathevan Understand this. Who are these men ? Who They come back to the boat ? Where they Come ? Maybe they belonged to the state Home ? An elderly man approached Vallavarayan Vanthiyathevan Bank leaning on his cane.

" Sir, the men This ? For those who like their boats coming back Swan School ? This is why men chased away People ? Why the rush ? " His coming Questions, one after the other. " Brother, you do not know a flag is tamil songs lyrics in tamil flying In the middle of the boat. It is embossed look ! " Senior said. " It looks like a palm tree. " " It's a palm tree ! Palmtree flag that you do not know Lord of Pazluvoor own ? " " Who is the best player to come, Lord of Pazluvoor, is not it ? " Vanthiyathevan asked a startled voice.

" It's supposed to be. Palmtree Who else could flag Come ? " The elderly man said. His eyes opened wide hitches Vallavarayan He was surprised to look at tamil songs lyrics in tamil boats. Vallavarayan Vallavarayan paluvettaraiyarai heard about. But, who would not have heard about them ? Names Brothers - Senior Lord of Pazluvoor and young Lord of Pazluvoor - from Sri Lanka in the south North Kalinga. Lord of Pazluvoor, is Town on the north shore near the Cauvery Uraiyoor their capital.