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As we get the second six weeks started I wanted to recreate my newsletter that I started last year and posted outside the library. I've come across this nice new online tool for creating newsletters through Google and allowing you to easily access it online. Welcome to the Morton Library Letter packed full of information that might just make your life a bit easier. Do you like my Halloween theme? If you too would like to use Smore click on the link at the top of the page for your free account. It is super easy to use...I promise.

Video Training

Now that I've semi-mastered the technology that will allow me to video my voice while showing you what I'm doing on the computer I will be able to create training videos that will include things such as Google Drive, Istation, databases, ebooks, and much more. I'm not sure where these videos will be housed just yet, but you will certainly get the link as soon as they are created.

Morton Library

Please be sure to check out my website by using the link below for lots of helpful links and tools your students can use. Don't forget to follow your Morton Library on Twitter.

Fall Book Fair

Monday, Oct. 26th, 8:30am to Friday, Oct. 30th, 12pm

Morton Library

We will be open each day starting on Monday until Friday at noon. I will also have it open for the Math-o-ween event.