News from 4th Grade

Week of 2/21 - 2/24

News at a glance

  • Next week is Read Across America week! There is a dress up day for each day next week. See below for details!!
  • We will have a new student coming to our classroom on Monday :)
  • We will have a Social Studies test on Wednesday

Read Across America Week

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How are we celebrating??

Dear Lingle Families,

Next week we will be celebrating Read Across America! We have many activities scheduled, including themed dress days for students and staff. Please see [below] on the themes for each day. See you on Monday in your favorite hat!

Kind regards,
Becky Hoover

  • Monday, Feb. 27th “THE CAT IN THE HAT” - Wear a hat!
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28th “IF I RAN THE ZOO” - Wear animal print or a shirt with an animal on it!
  • Wednesday, March 1st WACKY WEDNESDAY - Wear mismatched or inside out clothes.
  • Thursday March 2nd “OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!” - What do you want to be when you grow up? Dress like it!
  • Friday March 3rd “SLEEP BOOK” & “I AM NOT GOING TO GET UP TODAY” - Wear your pajamas to school.

What we're learning this week...

Journey's Reading: Wednesday to Wednesday

This week we’ll begin by asking, “How can media be a distraction?” In the fantasy selection The World According to Humphrey, we’ll read about a pet hamster who changes a family’s leisure habits. We’ll also read the informational advertisement Make the Switch, which persuades us to make some changes in our own leisure habits.

This week’s…

  • Target Vocabulary: appreciate, blaring, combination, promptly, introduce, nocturnal, feats, effort, suggest, racket
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Using context
  • Comprehension Skill: Theme—examine characters’ qualities and motives to recognize the theme
  • Comprehension Strategy: Summarize— use your own words to express the important ideas in a selection

Math: Geometry

Main Content: This week we will continue geometry by analyzing, identifying and creating geometric figures in 3D and 2D. This will include naming the shape and knows what types of lines, angles and sides it has.

Homework: A worksheet will go home on Monday with a column to complete each night. Students are more than welcome to complete night's early, however we will go over the homework each night. It is a review of skills already taught.

Fluency: This week will focus on 0-11 division fluency facts.

Social Studies

Our class will have a test in Social Studies on Wednesday. The test will include fill in the blank (with a word bank), letter match and short response questions. Today they received flash cards to study vocabulary and we will begin working on our Study Guide on Monday. Please use these as references to study!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

When are conferences?

Tuesday, March 9th: 5:00-8:00pm

Monday, March 13th: 12:00-3:00pm, and 5:00-8:00pm

How do I sign up?

To choose your 15-minute time slot, enter this link in your internet browser:


follow the link from the PASD Lingle Webpage

**Please remember due to time constraints, only one conference per child can be scheduled.

Mrs. LeBlanc

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!