ex: out from, stare: to stand

adjective: surviving, currently remaining


surviving, alive, contemporary, present-day, undestroyed, existing, remaining, subsisting


The oldest written manuscripts originally created in the Middle East have been well-preserved, and are extant even today.

Proverbs that are still extant that were coined hundreds of years ago are often universal truths because their meaning has been applicable throughout history.

Sadly, many great archaeological discoveries are no longer extant because the excavator did not properly preserve their findings.

When I was very little, my parents would drive the family up to Canada every winter break on a "search for snow"; this tradition is still extant for us in recent years, and this winter we intend to revisit Montreal.

Ancient Rome was a hub for innovative architects and sculptors to share and create, and many of their extant masterpieces are still admired in famous museums today.

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