Kayla's Life

A Short Introduction Into Kayla Clay's Life

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I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Raised in Virginia. I have spent most of my life in VA until I moved here. My family and I just moved here last year (and i'm still unfamiliar w/ the area). I live w/ both of my parents, my brother, and my sister.

K.J. (Kelly Clay Jr.)

My little brother is 9 years of age. He plays for the Huntsville Hornets little leauge. He goes to Scott Johnson Elementry.

Mommy (Brenda)

My mom is one of he closest people to me. If I need anything whatsoever, she's always there.

Daddy (Kelly)

Me and my Dad literally can sit around and laugh for hours. He's a joy when he's in a god mood, but a bummer when he's in a bad mood.


My sister is also close to me, but when we fight, it's then end of the world.

Favorite Memory

I ould have to say that I have many favorite memory's, but my best one would have to be when I went to Kings Dominion.

Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is a monkey! They're extremely cute even though they have gross and violent tendancies.


I enjoy dancing alot. I'm was in the Spring Show last year and will also be in it this year.

With that beig said, I invite everyone to come!