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Artistic Ability

Ever since I was little I have always had a passion for drawing. Now, granted I was like probably only 6 years old so I didn't even know what I was doing, not to mention my drawings usually involved stick people driving a 1 wheeled car but I still enjoyed the fun of it. As I got older I started drawing a lot more and a lot better. When I turned 14 I knew then, that I loved to draw. Everyday, every hour, every minute I could get I would draw. I would draw when I got bored, I'd draw when I had free time in class. Pretty much any time I got I'd be drawing something.

Drawing is just in my blood. My dad used to be a GREAT artist but for some reason he just stopped drawing and now he doesn't do it anymore. Every once in a while I catch him doodling something on some napkin he found. So, I think he misses it sometimes. I hope that one day I can be as great as my dad is. When I get out of high school I plan on going to the Art Institute in Indianapolis so I can study art and become better at it. I want to be a famous artist when I'm older. I just hope that I get as good as he once was. I want to make him and my mom proud of me because I am doing something with my life and they didn't get to go to college when they were younger. I hope I get better at my drawing skills.


Now this one is my personal favorite. My friend Cassandra stayed at my house one night and we were really bored. My parents weren't home because they were working. So, like usual, we came up with a crazy idea to prank my mom while she was gone. The first thing we did was replace her deodorant with flour mixed with water. Then, Cassandra took her blow dryer and put 4 BIG spoon fulls of flour and put it in the blow dryer. While she was doing that, I decided to take some green food coloring and put it all over my moms toothbrush. You're probably thinking did you do enough? Well, the answer to that would be.... NOPE! Cassandra and I also put blue paint in the dawn dish soap. Then we waited for her and dad to come home.

When mom got home she said she wanted to take us to the mall to walk around for a bit so we agreed and told her she should change clothes and get ready since she is still in her work clothes. So, she went into the bathroom and got in the shower then when she finished she got dressed. Next thing you know she picked up her hair dryer and turned it on. Flour went EVERYWHERE!! She got so mad I couldn't help but laugh. She washed her face off and the picked up the deodorant and put it up to her arm and then she yelled words I can't say. Mom picked up her toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it and started brushing her teeth. When she finished she rinsed her mouth and then spit it, only to look up and see that her teeth were green. Sooo, as you can probably tell by now, we did NOT go to the mall to walk around that day.... but it was so worth it.

Fishing Memories

I got 2 really good, really funny fishing memories to share to everyone. I hope you Laugh at them. The first memory is when I was about 9 to 10 years old when i went to my old grandpas house to go fishing with my dad. Sort of like a father daughter day type thing I guess. Anyway, I decided to bring my furry purple fold up chair with me to sit in while I was waiting for a bite on the fishing line. Well, after we had reeled the line out we sat in our seats and waited. After a few minutes my pole started moving and so I hurried as fast as I could and jumped out of my chair not realizing how close my chair was to the end of the dock. By the time I reeled it in all the way, the fish was gone...... and so was my chair. When I had jumped up off the chair, my foot had accidentally hit the bottom of it causing it to fall into the river. When I looked to see where it went, it was half way down the river already.

If you didn't laugh at the first one your definitely gonna laugh at this one. One day, Dad, My Uncle Charlie, and I decided to go fishing on Uncle Charlie's boat so we did. We went on the river out in Kokomo. We were having lots of fun and I knew Uncle Charlie just loved spending time with us since he's been too busy working lately. Well, after a little we kept going over waves in the water and then Uncle Charlie sped up even faster to where I felt like my whole body was being thrown off the seat. When I looked out to the water I noticed there was a GIANT wave coming toward us. Now, we could have ignored the wave and drove the boat around it but did we? Nope. Instead Dad and Uncle Charlie decided to go right through it literally full speed ahead. The entire boat was filled with water and all of our clothes got soaked. I looked at my Uncle and I said, "Really. You just had to go for the wave instead of around it?", and he looked at my dad then looked back at me and said, "Yep, I thought it would be funny. And it was haha." I love my uncle.

Mystery Drinks

Saturday night I had Cassandra over to stay the night at my house. Well, at the time nobody was home because my mom was working and dad was in Kokomo. So, we decided to start making funny videos. First we made a video on vine it was very random. Then, we did some dubsmash videos too.

Afterwards, we did the "don't Judge Challenge" on vine together. Later, we got kind of bored and I told her about how I have a youtube channel that I post random stuff on. Well, the second I mentioned something about my channel she got an idea. "Let's do the mystery drink challenge!" Now at first I disagreed and said no but she convinced me to do it so we did. It was the most disgustingest, most untaste thing I have ever done. It tasted so bad we wanted to throw up. Yet we still managed to have a lot of fun with it.

Here's the link below if you want to watch any of the videos:

Mystery Drink Challenge:



All About Me

Things About Me:

I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, I love to draw, I love going fishing, I like playing all sports like football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, etc. My best friends are Jaiden Kelly, Mackenzie Clark, Quenton Kelly, Fred Sense, and Brayden Wade. My natural hair color is dark brown almost black. I love to go riding on my Uncle Charlie's motorcycle. I live out in the country.

Faults I Have:

Some faults that I have is that I am not confident in my self, I'm very clumsy(I'm so clumsy I somehow managed to trip over a wall), I have ADHD which causes me to get sidetracked or space out at times. Sometimes I feel like I need to impress others rather than be my complete self.

Things People Don't Know About Me:

These things are very weird. Some of these things I didn't even know about myself. It turns out that my 4th cousin was Sir Edward Dyer. He was a knight and part of royalty. I had a grandpa that was a Marine in the Vietnam War. He later died for our country. I also found out that my great(4x) grandfather was a Miami Indian Chief. This one is my favorite to be honest because I never knew this before but, it turns out that the famous clown that was with the "Barnum & Bailey Circus" named Emmett Kelly was my 5th cousin.

Favorite Quotes:

There are 3 quotes that I keep in mind. One is, "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you loved the first one, then you wouldn't have fallen for the second one." The 2nd quote is, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." The last quote is, "Three Simple Rules In Life: 1) If you do not GO after what you want, you'll never have it. 2) If you do not ASK, the answer will always be NO. 3) If you do not step forward, you'll always be in the same place." That last quote is my favorite because it is very true and falls under all of the lessons that you need to know if you want to survive life.

Before I Die:

Before I die I would want to go bungy jumping. I would also like to learn how to cook. I absolutely have no idea how to cook anything at all. I also really want to do something rememberable so that even when I die people will still know who I was and what I did for the world.