Come and Watch!

The best movie ever!

The Minions - The cutest creatures!

Minions are yellow creature and are very sweet! They are kind - hearted and they are obedient. In this movie the minions are looking for a new boss.

They are looking in many places. they are going to egypt and there they try to build a pyramid. the minions find a vampire, as their new leadar and they are trying to celebrrate his birthday but accidentally they kill him. after that they continue to look for a new leaber that will teach them how to be bad.

Did they succeed?

If you want to know, Watch the movie!

In our opinion, the movie is interesting and funny. We saw this movie with are family, and Each time we enjoyed! This movie is siutable for all the ages.

We ask a few students what thay think about the movie:

Or yaron H-3: Did you watch the movie "The Minions"?

Yes, but i think is not a very good movie.

Lir abotbul H-3: What you think about the movie "The Minions"?

I think it's hilarious movie.

Nofar Baruch H-3: Did you watch the movie "The Minions"?

Yes, and it's very good movie.

The movie...

Running time: 98 minutes

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton.

Director: Pierre Coffin Kyle ballad.

The Trailer...

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