Dear Families...

It's Time for Practicum in ATX! - May 16-18

Introducing Our Speaker...

Krystal Cano and her family have been a part of Classical Conversations for over seven years. She and her husband Chris have four children including two boys and two girls. Although shehas served in many roles for Classical Conversations, her favorite role has always been the role of challenge tutor because it has catapulted her love for true Classical Christian education.

Krystal served as a Challenge A tutor for three years and is entering her second year of tutoring Challenge I. Her passion is to help parents see the beauty in the Classical Christian traditions.

Important Info for Everyone:


Free parking is available at 1903 University Avenue in the University of Texas AT&T Center. Bring your ticket with you for validation. Cross walks are available to reach the practicum facility, University Avenue Church of Christ.

Lunch: You may bring your own lunch or venture out to nearby restaurants. Please be prompt in picking up your children from their camps so that staff are able to enjoy their lunch hour. Please keep your children with you throughout lunch.

Afternoon Sessions:

We have practical afternoon sessions planned, everyone will have something to take away at the end of the three days. There are two break-out groups each afternoon, a general session and an academic orientation for contracted tutors.

Bookstore: The Bookstore will be open from 8:30 – 4:15 each day of the Practicum. Alithia Carey will have plenty of Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge materials available. If you are registered for Classical Conversations in the fall, and have not yet purchased your materials, this is a great opportunity to avoid shipping fees.

Important Info For Camps:

Camps: For each child in camp, you will need to provide a signed copy of the risk waiver at registration. You have already received this form in the ePacket that was sent with your registration confirmation email.

Supplies Needed for Camps:


Any baby items needed, in a marked bag

A bottle/cup with name clearly marked (for morning and afternoon)

Snack (for morning and afternoon)

Play Camp

Any items needed, in a marked bag

A cup and drink with name clearly marked (for morning and afternoon)

A snack (for morning and afternoon)

GEO Camp

Pencils and erasers

A snack & (clear liquid) drink (for morning and afternoon)

History Camp

Pens and pencils

Workbook (purchased at the book store)

Please make all items your child brings to camp.


Monday, May 16th, 8:45am to Wednesday, May 18th, 4pm

1903 University Avenue

Austin, TX

Free parking available across the street in the University of Texas AT&T Center which is located at 1900 University Avenue.

Bring your ticket with you for validation.