Congratulations on our best month ever!

My Gratitude knows no bounds - Let's set out intentions this year!

We all experience intense sorrow in our lives. My December was one of those times. Through the fog I am reminded of my blessings. My partner Scott, great friends & family, team leaders and tribe around me all reminding me that each day must be met with gratitude. I reflect on my blessings and what I still need to complete! It sets me on a path to be in service to others, with new found understanding on how important that can be for us and those we serve.

So many do not see the realization of their dreams prior to end of their lives. We have no accurate crystal ball to tell us how much time we have to live fulfilled lives. Year after Year, we tell ourselves that the dream is near. But are we doing the action steps to make it happen. How about you? It's a new year and while we all set resolutions, what if this year, we set intentions? Do we have the mindset established to set the dream into reality?

Your first impulse to make 2019 a better year may be to draw up grand plans of the brand-new person you’re going to be: Ten pounds lighter, cooking dinner every night, and meditating every morning. If you’re like me, you’ve piled it on even more: Make Double Blue Diamond in record time, Create a life skills school or garden organically growing all our own food (Seriously, all of this has been on my list. And it’s still there…)

Before you start goal-setting for 2019, consider sitting with your ideas for a bit and anchoring yourself in the present moment.

“Our minds love to linger in the past and jump ahead to the future; resolutions only help encourage that behavior. They are always related to a fear from a conditioned past or a worry about the future.”

To supercharge the start of the new year, lets consider the following 5-step process.

1. Skip making limiting resolutions. “As a coach, it’s often expected that I’m full of amazing resolutions, and that I’m ready to give you one as well. But the truth is I don’t make New Year’s resolutions - anymore. A resolution is limiting. When you set a resolution, you declare, ‘I am only going to think about this defined notion in my mind.’ Resolutions are governed by your mind, and anything governed by the mind doesn’t have great consequences.”

2. Instead, go deeper: Set intentions. “Sankalpa—the Sanskrit word for intention-is generated for your soul’s growth. A good intention nurtures your consciousness and has the power to significantly raise your awareness. When you set an intention, you don’t have to worry about your actions. A righteous intention creates a righteous action.”

Break the Norms:

3. Meditate on those intentions. “Break the Norms includes instruction on several meditation techniques. Here’s one, for discovering unconditional love, that will support your intentions.”

• On a sheet of paper, write down one intention. Make sure this intention is practical and able to be accomplished in two to three months.

• Keep the intention in your altar, drawer near where you meditate or somewhere safe.

• Sit in silence. Relax. Be mindful of your breathing. (Vetiver helps as does sandalwood)

• Bring your awareness to your heart and plant the intention that you have created. If you are a rock hound as I am, use a heart stone (Rose Quartz and pair with Bergamot - oil of self acceptance)

• Express to the divine that this intention will manifest itself in 90 days. (You can choose the specific amount of days here as per the nature of your intention.)

• Now, release the intention out into the universe with complete faith. (faith as a mustard seed)

4. Be spontaneous and embrace the present. “Someone once told me that you cannot dive into the same river twice because a river is always changing. This is true of human consciousness as well; it is always changing….We have forgotten to embrace the present moment and are instead too busy chasing the unknown future. Relax. Look around. You are here. That’s enough for now!”

5. Stop trying to predict what’s coming. “When you try to determine what your future holds, you may actually end up destroying that very future you are looking forward to! Your tomorrow has its own beauty and life. But if you have already decided what your tomorrow holds today, you aren’t doing it any justice. Let tomorrow take its own course.”

I took my hands off of everything the past few weeks, instead I needed to focus on the moment at hand and take it as it came. You all played a part in our having the best month ever in doTERRA as a result. I applaud you all for the contributions you gave to our team as I sincerely hope you gained in your own experiences and benefits of the oils.


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