How To Make School Lunches Better

It will start on january 23 2013

The reason for the boycot

The reason that we are boycoting the school lunches is in hope that they will go back to hand makeing the food.

Why ?

The reason that I think that the schools should go back to hand makeing the food, Is that in the past it seemed as though more people were eating the lunch.

good food compared to bad food

So this qustion has been asked several times, why is the state ruluaglating what the schools feed the students.

well the ansewer is

That the reasoning is that the state wants to the youth of America be healther. But as i was asking the teachers and the ladys that worked in the caftera they stated that "The food that we are preparing now for the kids is very disliked" Sadly they also said that "The kids are some times forced to eat something, Because they need something in there bodies." So is the state actually helping the youth or hurting them?

and agien the boy cot will start on january 23 and it will end at the begining of the next trimester.