Command Economy

The most and reliable economic system you can have (:

Facts of Command Economy!

-You may say how does the system of command economy work? Well since you have been asking, here is a brief description. -Command Economy is a system where the government runs it and works it. The government determines what goods to produce. How to produce it. And who to produce it for! It is the key to being the future economy all around the world!
Command Economy

Refutations (:(

Some people may say that once the economy is in the hands of the government or "controlled", the aspects of the system will decrease. But if they knew that the government can regulate the prices of goods and supply when they are needed. Another thing is that when people can say that the "government has all the power and can do whatever they want" that's not true. In fact our government that has all the power shares it equally to the workers that work hard at their job. And if their citizens are in need of something they are their to help and to lend a hand. Also others can say that the government is trying to crush the goals of free opportunity for people to pursue their goals. If those people realized the government is trying to make everyone successful in their careers. So think twice again before making a decision because it can be one thing but actually another!

THE FINAL OFFER OF THE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Command economy is the right system for your country. And you know it! The government may have all the power but remember the government shares equal power to everyone. It helps each and every individual for the sake of it. And for everyone to be successful in their life. Another thing to remember is if there's an issue, NO PROBLEM! It'll be fix within that moment instead of always debating over it like any other economic system. SO IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT TWICE, BEFORE MAKING A DECISION THE RIGHT DECISION IS COMMAND ECONOMY EVERYONE KNOWS IT!