Nic's Tennis Lessons

In Castle Hill

The Tennis Lessons

Join my lessons. It's On 7 Days a week from 3pm-9pm lessons. The costs will be $20 an hour from all catergories of learning and ages 5-18.

What You Will Need

All you will need is to be within the age group and a brain to learn. If you do not have a raquet, no matter I will have many extra's for kids that dont have any. I will also be selling a variety of raquets from, $10-$100, depending on the raquet type. We will be setup and ready to train you or your kids.

What We Will Be Teaching

We will be teaching a variety of tennis from bachands and forehands to serves, volleys, technique and much, much more. If you have any questions feel free to come in to our lesson and ask a question.