Jefferson Davis

By Caleb Masterson

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Jefferson's birth and death date!

Jefferson Davis was born on June 3, 1808, in Kentucky.

He died on December 6, 1889, in New Orleans, and he was buried in Hollywood's Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

Jefferson's relationship status.

Jefferson is married and has no children. Jefferson's wife cares a lot about what he is doing to help the nation. And he is the president of the U.S and likes doing his job.

Jefferson's religion and Hometown.

Jefferson's religion was Episcopalian because he worshiped in his home town of St. Paul's, Richmond. That is also where a lot of memories for Jefferson. It is where he had his childhood where he had sort of a rough start.

What Jefferson's Reflections related to Civil War that your person was involved in?

He was the president of the confederate state during the Civil War. He debated on how they should fight and how they should take over the union. They needed to do this because they could gain more land and end slavery.

Jefferson's hobbies and career was.

His career was being a president and he had to make sure that the politics weren't going out of control and debating on new laws and deciding and conference's.

His hobbies were to attend political events, help his wife around there house, and do hardships.

What his major accomplishments were?

An accomplishment of Jefferson Davis is that he was the leader of the Confederacy during the civil war in the U.S. He also held his position of the U.S Secretary of War, being a West Point graduate and fighting in the Mexican american war.

Where Jefferson's current address is?

Jefferson's home i in the city of Biloxi , Mississippi. This is where Mr.Jefferson Davis lives and he has been living there for a long time. Also that is where he had retired, to be with his family.

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