NASA Nissan Driverless Car

By: Olivia Norwood and Any Munoz

Why did NASA make this?

NASA and Nissan are collaborating to create a driverless car that could one day be used in consumer vehicles, robotic rovers on Mars, and other space missions. Technical partnership allows researchers to develop and test autonomy algorithms, concepts, and integrated prototypes for a variety of vehicular transport applications. NASA goes from rovers to driverless cars. Scientist are observing the tests of the Nissan all-electric Leaf, as it performs safe autonomous drives across the centre.

This product was originally used in space for Mars robotics. The NASA robotics is used on Mars Rovers for missions to Mars. This product was the from NASA robotics, which was used in rovers on missions to Mars. This product was originally robotics, which was put into car form. The robotics was used in rovers. The rovers went on missions to Mars.

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Nissan Autonomous Car Ride Along

How does it help us today?

Driverless cars would be able to locate the right ones and help the way to your destination. Driverless cars are all-electric, so less pollution in the environment. Also driverless cars can't speed, or cause drunk driving. With driverless cars there would be less accidents, which would keep everyone safer. Some believe that driverless cars will prevent drunk driving. These cars help reduce car theft.

The driverless car was designed by NASA and Nissan. The driverless car could be a helpful thing especially to people with disabilities. Driverless cars would be great, but they wouldn't let young people going into the military a chance to learn how to drive. They also eliminate jobs for taxi drivers and other driving jobs.

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