Friday, April 11th

Module 14 Social Psychology

INSTRUCT: Fundamental Attribution Error

Imagine this scenario: You are walking down the hall to your first period and someone bumps you and you drop your iPod. You glare at the culprit and your mind immediately starts running-- that person is completely rude and self-centered. You start to think about all of their personality flaws that would cause them to inadvertently bump them in the hallway. Did you ever consider he might have been tired because he had to work after school and then stay up late to study? Or she might have gotten in a big fight with her parents before school, and so she was distracted and didn't see you?

Fundamental Attribution Error is when we underestimate the situational influences and over-rely on personality influences to judge someones behavior.

To learn more about the impact of this in society, click on this link to access the website .

Watch video clip, then read the entry about the differences in perception about why individuals did/did not evacuate New Orleans during Katrina.

INFORM: Module 13, the AP Review Module and Time Management

Please remember to pace yourself as you work through Module 14 and the AP Review Module.

  • All Module 14 assignments must be submitted by April 22nd, along with the AP Review Quizzes #3 & #4.
  • Due dates are FINAL! You may finish items up to the due date - but no credit will be given for work submitted past the deadline.

CELEBRATE: National Barbershop Quarter Day!

Barbershop Quartet Day honors four guys with great voices. This day celebrates the founding of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 11, 1938. Barbershop Quartets date back to the early 1900's in America.

Barbershop quartets are a popular musical group. Musical selections are usually happy and light hearted, and allow full utilization of the voice ranges and skills of these great singers. Competitions at local and national levels encourage these groups to flourish.

Do any of you enjoy performing in groups like these (or other specialty performance groups)? The man on the far left is my brother - and he has been singing in Barbershop groups for almost 40 years - yes, since high school!