You Can Make Tereza's Dream Real!

Change the world by hosting an International Student.

All About Tereza

Tereza (with a z) has a zest for life! She currently lives in the Czech (another z!) with her zippy family. One of their favorite activities is to go to hockey games together, especially because her brother is a champion player. They are all very busy, but Tereza always makes sure that she makes room to appreciate and spend time with them. Tereza admits that school can sometimes be a challenge for her, but she remains diligent to her studies, especially in English and Physical Education. She is zany about sports! Throughout her childhood, she was a gymnast and a synchronized swimmer. Now she is zealous for volleyball and has played for seven years. She hopes to also continue playing in the US as well. She believes that she is a zero-percent chance that she will not enjoy herself in the United States with an American family. Her friendly attitude and zest will ensure that you will have an amazing exchange experience with her

All About Host Families

It's not just a year in your life but a whole life in a year! Hosting a World Heritage student will benefit your family in so many ways. You will not only be making a dream come true for a student, you will be making a positive impact in the global community without even leaving your home.

Choose a boy or girl that matches your family's interests!

• Make a difference in the life a 15-18 year old student from many countries in Europe and Asia.

• Enrich the lives of your own family!

• Teach a student about American values and culture!

• Build a life-long friendship

We are looking for host families for this 2014-2015 academic year. The requirements are simple: Provide a bedroom (with a bed, dresser, and a desk), have access to a bathroom, provide basic meals, and have English as the primary language spoken in the home. Students come with their own money and insurance. Host families can claim Student Exchange on their taxes.

Contact Your Local Area Representative Today!

Roxanne Lawson is an experienced representative covering all of the East Valley area. She would be the direct link between you and your student, able to answer questions and help solve any issues. She cannot wait to match you with a perfect student like Tereza or many others.