Amur Leopard

By: Jeremy Poirier


Whoosh! What was that? Don't worry that's just the amur leopard running by 36 to 37 mph. The amur leopard is very fast and very interesting. Do you think the amur leopard is interesting? If you do, read more.

Appearance & Classification

Do you want to now the appearance and classification of the amur leopard? The amur leopard is many different colors. It can be yellow, golden, black and dark brown. The size of the amur leopard is 40 to 75 inches long. Image the size of Cam Neely! He or she weighs 70 to 106 pounds. That's as heavy as 2 of me. Their cover is spotted fur. They are medium sized cats. That's the same size as 6 floor tiles and 4 desks. They are mammals. That means they have babies. A interesting body feature for the amur leopard is it has sensory whiskers. Sensory whiskers can feel vibrations or something walking near them.

Habitat Information

The amur leopard can live in many different places. It can live in rain forests, deserts ,plains, woodlands, and eastern Russia. They are also in northern china. Their habitat is mountains, broad leafy forests, shrubbs and trees. Would you like to live in any of those places?

Preditor & Prey

Who hunts for the amur leopard? The interesting amur leopard's predators are tigers, lions and humans. Humans kill them for there fur and meat. The amur leopard protects it's self by running away and climbing trees.

What do the amur leopards eat? They are carnivores. That means they only eat meat. Their prey is antolope, warthogs, rodents, deer, dogs and small boar. The amur leopard finds it's prey by ambushing it's prey from the trees and also finds it's food also in a high speed chase. It must hurt when the amur leopard jumps on their prey from the trees? Don't you think this awesome cat has lots of prey?

Fascinating facts

1.They are very quiet hunters.

2.There are 35 amur leopards in wild and 300 in capitivaty.

3.There life span is 10 to 15.

4.The biggest threat is hunting and habitat loss.


Did you like my story about the amur leopard? I now I did. If you want to learn more read other books and other websites. I think amur leopard are the best animals ever animals ever. Help protect this amazing species.