By: Hallie Potts

Definitions & What Prejudice can lead into:

If your being prejudice, than you can lead into sterotyping. Then if your just sterotyping, you can go into doing the act of discrimination.

-Prejudice is judging someone on their race, religion, feelings and opinions.

-The word sterotyping means an oversimplified generalization about a person or group of people without regard for individual differences.

-Discrimination means the denial of justice and fair treatment by both individuals and instititions in many arenas, including employment, education, housing, banking, and political rights.

Examples of Prejudice & why not to do it:

Some examples of prejudice:





Why you shouldnt be prejudice:

- you shouldnt be prejudice because It can cause self harm.

- It can also start off depression!

- dont be prejudice because People cant help the way That he made them!