Let's communicate!!!

The goal of communication

I am doing a project about communication in our life. I want to tell you that communication is very important.

What do we do every day? We talk, we send male, we look to each other, we use gestures… We communicate. Then what is communication?

Be a good speaker!!!

1) Try talking about positive topics

2) Learn to speak small talk.

3)Don't interrupt the speaker!

4)Smile when you see people you recognize.

5)Have a sense of humour.

6) Never be rude or insulting.

7) Always be nice to people even if you don't like them.

8)Look at yourself in the mirror and think positive thoughts about your appearance. If you like yourself, others will too.

9)Don't be shy. Say hello to people you haven't talked to in a while. Just keep in touch, it will be appreciated.

10)Try to use people's names. A hint for remembering names is to repeat their name every time you see the person.

Kinds of communication

Be friendly!!! Be happy!!! Smile!!! Speak!!!

Mobile phone

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without mobile phones (cell phones). You can send messages or make and receive calls just by pressing one or two keys and you can carry it anywhere. Mobile phones give us easier access on the Internet and Skype; We can listen to music, play games, watch films and use other functions
Evolution of Communication

Thank you!!!

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