Life During the New Deal

Dorothy Young

Roles of Women

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women during her husband's administration

-Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department in government

-Women became leaders in many New Deal agencies

Roles Of African Americans

-William haste became the first black federal judge in U.S. history

-FDR appointed a group of African Americans called the black cabinet to key government positions

-Roosevelt explained his respect to African Americans by saying he was at the mercy of southern democrats in congress

Artist during the time

-Dorothea Lange was an American photographer who recorded the great depression by taking pictures of the unemployed and rural poor

-Writer James Agee & photographer Walker Evans depicted the lives of share croppers in the lower south

-Agee's and Evan's work made a powerful description and formed a moving record of the reality of rural poverty

Popularity Of Movies During 1935

-Nearly 80 million of the nations 127 million Americans attended a movie each week

-Films of the 1930's steered clear of troubling reminders of hard times

-Americans went to the movies to escape from their problems

Importance of the Radio In American life

-Radio provided listeners religion, music, sports, and other forms of entertainment

-In the 1930s played an important role in politics

-Action shows such as the lone ranger was showed on the radio

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-Jazz, known as swing, was popular during the era
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Sports During the 1930's

-baseball remained popular during this era & boxing emerged
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