Senior Leadership Programme

The Sutton Park Teaching School Alliance

A two day conference and follow up internship programme accredited by TSPTSA

This programme is aimed at aspirant senior leaders who are not currently in a substantive SLT role within school but have the potential through ambition and ability to be future senior leaders.

The internship programme involves three full or six half days in a host school and will offer the opportunity to shadow senior leaders and experience, first hand, the role of the SLT.


Tuesday 23rd June and Thursday 25th June 2015


The Streetly Academy, Queslett Road, Sutton Coldfield B74 2EX
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Day 1

08.45 Arrival

09.15 Keynote address and welcome

Three headteachers, Billy Downie of The Streetly Academy, Ruth Poppleton of Nether Stowe School and Maggie Shackleton of Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls present their own views on headship, their expectations of their SLT colleagues and what they are looking for when they recruit a new member to their team.

10.00 Leading and motivating staff

How do you inspire your school staff, individually and corporately? How do you deliver that inspirational speech that makes nearly all staff feel that they share the goals set by the SLT? How do you go about those ‘difficult conversations’ when a teacher has not done what is required of them? How do you convey a message to the whole staff which is likely to be an unwelcome one? Leigh Long, deputy headteacher of Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, addresses these and similar issues about the communication challenges of senior leadership.

11.00 Raising achievement

School improvement is the responsibility of every senior leader. Billy Downie, headteacher and National Leader of Education, leads this session on ways in which senior leaders must drive improvement across each area of their school.

12.00 Lunch

12.45 When Ofsted comes to call

You will no doubt have had experience of an Ofsted inspection as a teacher or middle leader, yet your accountability as a senior leader will inevitably be greater still. Salim Akhtar, Head of Mathematics and assistant headteacher at The Streetly Academy, has recently completed his training as an Ofsted inspector and has inspected schools in London and Derby. Hot off the press, he presents up to date information of what the current expectations are of senior leaders when Ofsted come to call.

13.45 Curriculum Design

How do you create a curriculum which meets the needs of all of the children in your school and makes best use of the teachers that you have? How do you plan to recruit the teachers that you will need to meet your curriculum needs? Rod Long, deputy headteacher of The Streetly Academy, with Adam Hughes, assistant headteacher at The Streetly Academy, take us through the process from designing the curriculum model to placing a timetable in the hand of every teacher ahead of the new school year.

14.45 Expect the Unexpected

You never know what the coming day will present to you as a senior leader. There will be tragic circumstances for you to deal with; there will be times that you may look back and laugh about later which don’t seem funny at the time. Julia Hill, deputy headteacher of The Streetly Academy leads this interactive session challenging you to think how you will respond to the unexpected.

15.45 Plenary

16.30 Reflection

17.00 Dinner and key speaker

Day 2

09.00 What a Governing Body might look for

Very experienced school governor and National Leader of Governance, Roland Roberts, presents his perspective on recruitment to SLT and the working relationships between governors and senior leaders.

09.30 Your first year in SLT

You’ve just been appointed to your first SLT post. You’ve aspired to this, and now it’s become a reality. Helen Dimmock, assistant headteacher of Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, shares wisdom on how to approach this first year in SLT, how to make your mark and avoid some of the pitfalls which you can encounter.

10.30 Leading teaching and learning

Lindsay Vincent, assistant headteacher at Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, investigates how you make the transition from being a good teacher yourself to driving forward the standards of teaching and learning in your school. She considers the vital part that monitoring plays in school improvement, the structures of coaching to improve standards and the careful provision of appropriate CPD.

11.30 Systems leadership

Billy Downie, headteacher of The Streetly Academy, has led the school over the past five and a half years through Academy transition, through progression from RI to Outstanding, through successful Teaching School and SCITT bids whilst overseeing record academic achievements in the history of the school and continually improving standards of behaviour. Key to the success are the systems which maintain each aspect of school life. Successful leadership is not built on ad hoc actions but by the creation and maintenance of appropriate systems.

12.30 Lunch

13.15 Personal effectiveness

Rachel Triptree, deputy headteacher at The Streetly Academy, provides advice on how to make the best of who and what you are in developing into senior leadership. Balancing priorities, supporting middle leaders and time management are amongst the themes that she will share with us.

14.15 Internship

Rod Long, Director of The Sutton Park Teaching School Alliance and deputy headteacher at The Streetly Academy, and Helen Dimmock, assistant headteacher of Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, present an update on the internship programme that will follow on from this conference and answer questions that you may have.

14.35 Public speaking

It terrifies some, the thought of having to do it causing sleepless nights. Others love it, some too much. Billy Downie gives some advice on the art of public speaking as a senior leader to staff, students, parents and other audiences.

15.15 Questions to panel

At the end of this intensive two day conference, you have the opportunity to ask questions that may have arisen throughout the time that have not been explicitly covered or that you would like to investigate further. The panel includes headteachers and deputy and assistant headteachers.


The cost per delegate for the conference is £500.00 for schools who are not members of The Sutton Park Teaching School Alliance and £250.00 for schools who are members of the Alliance.

The cost of the internship programme is £250.00 per day but is free to schools who participate in reciprocal hosting of an intern.

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