Legg Middle School

May 2023

We are in the home stretch of the school year! Our last day of school is June 6, with dismissal at 11:05.

Honors nights are May 31 and June 1. The sixth grade honors ceremony is May 31 at 6:00 PM, followed by 7th grade at 7:00 PM. Students will receive an invitation to attend if they are receiving an award. Our eighth grade celebration is June 1 at 6:00 PM, and all students are invited to attend.

LMS students have been busy with events over the last few weeks, so check out the articles and pictures below for a glimpse at all the happenings!

May Students of the Month

LMS Students to Attend Michigan Tech Summer Youth Program

LMS woodshop teacher Mr. Johnson will be teaching a summer class at Michigan Tech! This experience will create opportunities for his classes at LMS in the fall, as well as offer a scholarship to one LMS student to attend the summer program. Following an application process this spring, Madison Knapp was selected for the scholarship, which will cover her tuition and room and board for the summer program.

In addition to the scholarship through Michigan Tech, Southern Michigan Bank generously offered to cover the cost for a second LMS student, Liam Doll, to attend the summer program! Students will live in the residence hall, eat in the dining hall, and participate in recreational activities. Madison and Liam each get to select an exploration program of their choice for their week on campus! Thank you to Mr. Grabowski, Mr. Anglin and Southern Michigan Bank for making this experience possible for Liam!

LMS Wellness Weekend Coming Soon!

LMS is celebrating our second Wellness Weekend over Memorial Day weekend! We encourage everyone to take time away from school and work to enjoy a break and get some rest. On the day we return, Tuesday, May 30, no assignments are due, and no grades will be returned. We hope you all take this opportunity to engage in fun and restorative activities!

The Zekelman Holocaust Center Art and Writing Competition

This year, the 8th grade students read and studied about The Holocaust in English Language Arts. Mrs. Brown’s ELA classes were offered the opportunity to enter The Zekelman Holocaust Center’s annual art and writing competition with this year’s theme, “Art as Resistance”. We are proud to announce that LMS 8th grader Kaitlyn Senyk won her poetry category. Kaitlyn’s writing will be displayed at The Zekelman Holocaust Center Museum in Farmington Hills, MI, as well as in the museum’s digital gallery. Kaitlyn entered and won the poetry competition with the writing piece below.

White Washed By: Kaitlyn Senyk

I’ve heard of the people.

The people that resist,

The people who fight back,

The ones that are missed.

I can’t fight...


I pick up my brush

And I paint every night.

I paint what I see outside my window,

The death.

The confusion.

The fear.


What is fear?

Is it the gnawing feeling,

Nothing good will ever happen?

Is it the pain of knowing,

I might be next?


There is no time for fear.

So, I sit and I paint.

I paint the lies,

And the lives

Of the innocent

And the killers.

I paint the pain,

And the joy,

The fright, all night.

I look out my window

And take it all in

I hate the death,

And confusion,

And fear.

But how can I be afraid,

When all I do is hide?


When I should be at their aid.


When so many have died.

I sit in my room,



Letting it happen.

I remind myself

That should be me,

I should be the one out there.

But I’m not.

I’m in here.

I sit and I pray,

I pray for another day.

A day without fear.

A day where everyone is equal

And normal again.

Then I grab my brush once more,

And dip it in the plain, white paint.

I watch in sadness

As all the death,

All the confusion,

And all the fear disappears.

Only to start again tomorrow.

We are so proud of Kaitlyn, not only for winning her category but also for her ability to take what she has learned and express it in such a beautiful and challenging way.

Congratulations, Kaitlyn!

LMS Quiz Bowl Tournament

We had two teams representing Legg Middle School for the Legg Middle School Tournament. The tournament consisted of teams from Reading, Quincy, St. Charles, and Centreville. Students participated in eight rounds of questions. Each round included 10 questions. Although our teams did not earn a trophy, they were each within just a few points of first place. The 6th grade team consisted of Cael Fischer and Keagan Hyliard. The 7th/8th grade team consisted of Ares Wagoner, Logan Rus, Allie Miller, Caleb Snyder, Anthony Stevens, Ricky Squier, and Caden Birts. Great job LMS!

🎲 Math Game Night 🎲

The math department at LMS hosted a family game night where families could come together and play a variety of card and board games that included math and problem solving skills. Some of the games played included Clue, Life, Yahtzee, Chess, Checkers, & Life. Students each received a deck of cards and a packet of games that they could play with the cards at home. There was popcorn, and laughing, all while having a great time learning with families. Students were also each given a door prize for attending. A generous thank you to our sponsors, The Capri Drive In, NCG Cinemas, Southern Michigan Bank, The Aquatic Center, and The Coldwater Recreation Center. It was a great time, and much fun was had by all.

🐛 Science Night 🐛

Legg Middle School students, parents, and science teachers partook in a service project at Rotary Park. The focus of this event was to increase the biodiversity of the ecosystem by removing invasive plants and planting native plant seeds. Through the guidance of the St. Joseph county Conservation District participants learned how to identify Garlic Mustard and worked to remove it from the open field areas at the park. The Pheasants Forever organization donated native seeds which were planted in the fields as well. We are thankful to all who attended, volunteering their time to improve the biodiversity of Rotary Park.

🌎Social Studies Night🌎

On Thursday, May 4 the Social Studies department hosted a scavenger hunt for the students and their families. Students were given clues to historical sites around Coldwater and worked together with their families to locate and photograph each site. Fun was had by all!

Youth in Government Meets with Mayor Kramer

On Thursday, April 27, the LMS Youth in Government delegation had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor of Coldwater, Tom Kramer, to discuss what it means to be an elected official, how running for office works, and what city government does. Mayor Kramer shared his own personal experiences with the students, and encouraged young people to get involved in politics and government at the local level. Students were also able to ask Mayor Kramer their own questions.

May Growth Mindset--I've Got This!

May has arrived, and it's almost time to send our students home for the summer. But how can we make sure their growth mindset instruction doesn't get lost on the summer slide? This month is about equipping students with the tools they'll need to continue using growth mindset in their educational and personal lives after they leave the classroom. We helped students develop a plan to control the fixed-mindset voice that lives in their head. Finally, we helped them develop a plan for using growth mindset over the summer to reinforce our mindset instruction.

🗓 Upcoming Events 🗓

May 29--Memorial Day (No School)

May 31--6th Grade Honors Night (6pm)

May 31--7th Grade Honors Night (7pm)

June 1--8th Grade Honors Night (7pm)

June 5--Half Day (Exams)

June 6--Half Day (Exams)

June 6--Last Day of School