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Edition: Back to School

Info For You...

  • Stemscopes:
    Teachers are in the process of being imported.
    Students will be imported Sept. 6th.

  • Student Log-In Cards:
    White copies are in your box that you can copy onto cardstock. I also put a copy of blank cards in your box for any students who weren't in the system when the cards were made.

  • eSchool Handouts:
    B.O.Y. Handouts
    Daily Gradebook Handouts


I mentioned last week that the district has purchased Seesaw For Schools for all elementary campuses. I am currently in the process of moving all of your existing classroom accounts over to our campus account and setting up accounts for anyone who is new or doesn't have a Seesaw account. Don't worry...you won't lose anything including your family connections. I will continue to pass along updates as we continue the transition. You may receive an email from Seesaw saying that you have been added to our campus account, and if so this is why.

In the meantime...here's some great Seesaw activities...

K-2 Teachers: Looking for a fun way to review the Seesaw tools after the first few weeks of school? Use this great Seesaw Go activity by Traci Piltz’ to allow students to reflect on the beginning of the year and practice using the tools in Seesaw independently. Just print the recording sheet and and hang the QR codes. Let me know if you’d like my help as you implement it.

3-5 Teachers: Here’s a Seesaw challenge from Sara Malchow for your 3rd-5th graders. It even includes a bonus box for adding comments to classmates’ posts and a video about leaving appropriate comments to others. Simply print off the challenge board, and you’re ready to go! Let me know if I can help you implement.

Back to School with G Suite: 6 Activities for the Classroom

Google tools can help you kick off the school year, get organized, and have some fun! Check out these 6 Activities for Going Back to School with G Suite.

Tech PD Opportunities...

There will be more to come soon, but for now here are some great webinars...

Ways I can support you as your DLC...

  • Collaboratively plan lessons with you that integrates technology
  • Brainstorm & explore new tools with you
  • Examine curriculum to determine how tech can help meet your learning objectives
  • Help you Learn a new tool
  • Model technology integration with students
  • Recommend technology tools to augment lessons or projects
  • Troubleshoot & problem-solve instructional issues with you

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