katrina's holiday

by: Coby Chandler

The holiday is for what?

This holiday will be for the day of when Hurricane Katrina hit. It is to honor the peoples lives that were lost in Hurricane Katrina and to celebrate what a good time you had with them. It should be on August 28.

All the money

In damage, overall, the results came out to be 108 billion dollars. It was the most costliest hurricane in U.S. history. A lot of people lost their homes and a lot of them still don't have them.

Where was it affected?

The Bahamas, South Florida, Cuba, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida. This holiday could celebrate the people that were affected.

The big holiday

In the affected areas, there is really only one big holiday, and that is Mardi Gras. This holiday could be celebrated everywhere and it could be big.
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Hurricane Katrina Day 1 Vid 1 Live News the Day After CNN Paula Zaun


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Jazz it up!

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