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May 2017


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Counselors Corner

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FHS Buzz

The 2016-2017 FHS Teacher of the Year

FHS is proud to announce Ms. Theresa Lawrence as our Teacher of the Year! Below you will find the link to the Channel 13 video featuring Ms. Lawrence, titled "Meet 3 local female scientists thriving in male-dominated field." FHS would also like to acknowledge that Ms. Lawrence will be retiring after more than 30 years in education. We will miss you!

Senior Walkthrough

Special Olympics Tournament

The Friendswood Special Olympics Team competed in the Area 22 Special Olympics Athletics Tournament on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The tournament was at Dickinson High School. There were 22 teams from around the Bay Area-Gulf Coast Area in the tournament. We are proud of our hard working students!

Galveston County Fair Results

Congratulations to the following students for their accomplishments at the 2017 Galveston County Fair!

Breeding Beef Heifers:

  • Magan Cotham - 2nd in class
  • Dustin Surber - 3rd in class
  • Hailey Binkley - 1st in class and Grand Champion Beefmaster
  • Emily Pate - 3rd in class
  • Rachel Pate - 1st in class and Reserve Grand Champion Brahman
  • Ty Kempken - 3rd in class
  • Morgan Thatcher - 1st in class
  • Olivia Cates - 2nd in class and Reserve Grand Champion Brangus
  • Gracie Kempken - 1st in class, Grand Champion Brangus, and Overall Grand Champion Breeding Beef Heifer
  • John Aldridge - 4th in class
  • John Aldridge - 5th in class
  • Brianne Wharton - 1st in class and Reserve Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis
  • Cortni Cox - 1st in class, Reserve Grand Champion Angus, Reserve Grand Champion British
  • Haley Bratton - 2nd in class

Breeding Beef Heifer Senior Showmanship (Top 5)

  • Cortni Cox
  • Gracie Kempken
  • Magan Cotham


  • Kaitlyn Pederson - 14th*
  • Kaitlyn Pederson - 35th
  • Haven Franks - 29th


  • Emma Cowan - 44th
  • Cole Gordon - 45th
  • Kaitlyn Pederson - 34th


  • Ashley Cox - 7th in class
  • Jordan Canales - 10th in class
  • Leila Grubbs - 8th in class
  • Wyatt Foster - 4th in class*
  • Mikayla Doiron - 7th in class*
  • Wayman Jeu - 8th in class
  • Justin Phelps - 2nd in class*
  • Jessica Rogers - 8th in class
  • Cooper Cibulski - 7th in class
  • Rachel Pate - 1st in class*
  • Kaitlyn Pederson - 7th in class
  • Haley Cox - 12th in class
  • Cole Gordon - 4th in class*
  • Brooke Burris - 5th in class*
  • Cortni Cox - 9th in class
  • Nick Roberts - 10th in class


  • Tristan Spellmeyer - 13th in class
  • Raigen Brabham - 10th in class


  • Jarrett Allen - 7th in class
  • Cole Ayers - 8th in class
  • Ashley Adkins - 8th in class
  • Sydney Turner - 5th in class
  • Kampbell Weiss - 6th in class
  • Aliana Martinez - 10th in class
  • Caitlyn Marsh - 8th in class
  • Haley Davidson 4th in class*
  • Caitlyn Marsh - 6th in class

Goat Senior Showmanship

  • Sydney Turner - 5th

Market Steer

  • Cortni Cox - 3rd in class

Market Steer Senior Showmanship

  • Cortni Cox - 5th

Commercial Heifer

• Cortni Cox - Overall Grand Champion Commercial Heifer*

Commercial Heifer Showmanship

  • Cortni Cox - 3rd

Youth Project Show

  • Kaitlyn Pederson Grand Champion Senior
  • Sydney Turner

Livestock Judging Contest

  • 1st Place Senior Team - Brooke Burris, Kaitlyn Pederson, Justin Phelps
  • Kaitlyn Pederson- 1st Place High Individual Senior
  • Jessica Rogers - 10th Place High Individual Senior

Scramble Catchers

  • Justin Phelps - Pig Scramble

Herdsman Awards

  • Market Lambs - Raigen Brabham and Tristan Spellmeyer

*made auction

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Yarden Borshevsky-Barr Selected as a National Finalist for the Great American Songbook Academy

Congratulations to Yarden Borshevsky-Barr, who has been selected as a national finalist for The Songbook Academy®. The Great American Songbook Foundation, a national not-for-profit organization with a mission to inspire and educate by celebrating the Great American Songbook, sponsors the program for high school students. Way to go, Yarden!

Speech National Qualifiers

Five students from FHS will be competing at the National Speech and Debate Association (NFL) National Tournament to be held in Birmingham, Alabama June 19th-23rd. The 4 Seniors and 1 Junior involved will be working very hard during the next few weeks to stay focused and prepared.

Congratulations to the following students for advancing to Nationals:

  • J.C. Mills--Domestic Extemp
  • Carter Adams--Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Rachel Sims--Foreign Extemp
  • Kennedy Bateman--Domestic Extemp
  • Kelsey Ehrig--Congressional Debate

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UIL State Speech Meet

Congratulations to Kelsey Ehrig who competed at the UIL State Speech meet in Persuasive Extemp and finished tied for 8th in the State! We are very proud of Kelsey!
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BPA Nationals

Four of our students recently participated in the BPA Nationals in Orlando on May 10-14. Congratulations to these students for their hard work!

  • Nate Hejtmanchik
  • Chase Falterman- Advanced Spreadsheet, 4th
  • Trang Tham- Fundamental Word Processing, 3rd​
  • Vincent Perez- Entrepreneur, 12th
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The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Welcomes Friendswood High School's Newest Members

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, a national honor society for students of Spanish, welcomed Friendswood High School's newest members on Thursday, May 11, 2017. These students earned an A average in a minimum three semesters of Spanish II Pre-AP, Spanish III Pre-AP, Spanish IV Pre-AP and Spanish V AP. Congratulations to the following students!

Front Row (left to right): Caitlin Miller, Priya Juarez, Sara Mabe, Valerie Anderson, Kathya Rivas, Alyssa Villarreal, Hannah Zeller, Caroline Velek.

Second Row (left to right): Jingyun Chen, Caroline Heins, Adela González, Miguel León, José Camacho, Sallianne Roher, Kenzie McKeever, Phillip Tran, Michael Hermes, Abby Reese, Colin Madden.

Not pictured: Lauren Hubbard

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English III Projects

Ms. Kelly Kelly Browning and Ms. Jenna Crosson's junior classes researched barriers to authenticity at Friendswood High School and created videos to inspire students to overcome those barriers. Our students learned that many people in Friendswood are wearing masks. These videos serve to motivate all people to be their true selves.

Please click on the link to the YouTube Channel featuring many of our outstanding students.

National USAD Online Competition

Sarah Thomas participated in the National USAD online competition in April. We are proud to announce that she receive the gold medal in literature and the silver in math. Congratulations to Sarah on this awesome accomplishment.
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PowerPoint 2016 Certification Test

The Microsoft Office Specialist class took their PowerPoint 2016 certification test and all 11 passed. Congratulations to these students on their hard work:

  • Sophia Culembourg
  • Julia Kelly,
  • Faith Brothers
  • Avery Wiggs
  • Ben Frankhouser
  • Dylan Matter
  • Sam Mills
  • Camryn Moore
  • Eve Baker
  • Marina Meche
  • Patricia Baker,

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2017 National Spanish Exam Results

The following students received national recognition based on the scores that they received on the 2017 National Spanish Exam. Congratulations to:

Gold: (95th-99th percentile)

Level II: Jake Pisell

Level III: Valerie Anderson, Priya Juarez, Sara Mabe

Level IV: Gabriela Gonzalez

Silver: (85th-94th percentile)

Level I: Rebecca Brown, Maria Doromal

Level II: Natan Bondin, Michelle Cherian, Hanna Dion, Taylor Greny, Jonathan Hicks, Kayla Huhn, Brooke Langston, Chance Melton, Grayson Merritt, Nicole Nash, Lucas Rivera, Max Rundell, Bridget Tindal

Level III: Jaye Chen, Leila Grubbs, Joshua Haffelder, Lucas Hopkins, Madeline Jordan, Helen Kong, Miguel Leon, Colin Madden, Kenzie McKeever, Ajay Palmer, Sallianne Roher, Toan Van, Caroline Velek

Level IV: Anjanette Carlisle, Natalia Gonzalez, Caroline Heins, Alex Mai, Alex Neagu, Bria Norman, Sydney Schmutz

Bronze: (75th-84th percentile)

Level I: Ralph Oliver

Level II: Marcela Barton, Michael Black, Blake Bryant, Anna Grace Janney, Alyssa Knowles, Anna McHenry, Brock Nolin, Amanda Osteen, Faith Perry,Sirius Sharma, Danielle Shavlan, Ryan Wolf

Level III: Emily Epperson, Rachel Epperson, Alexandra Reyes, Olivia Rhodes, Kathya Rivas, Phillip Tran

Level IV: Elizabeth Chong, Justin Karam, Hannah Melis, Alexander Ohrmundt

Honorable Mention: (50th-74th percentile)

Level I: Madeline Blok, Rachel Eberhardt, Zach Foster, Mackenzie Harris, Daniel Londa, Mason Miller, Kayla Molina, Michael Moran, Elliana Wilber

Level II: Husnain Ali, Daniel Beck, McKenna Brown, Sarah Carambat, Claire Clauson, Caitlin Cordero, Lily DeVillez, Sebastian Gutierrez, Brittany Harris, Ashlyn Killian, Adam Kolodziej, Kirby Jane Landry, Jenna Pool, Khloe Rodriguez, Hannah Sambrano, Katie Smith, Emily Vo

Level III: Allie Arribe, Lauren Dinh, Adrianna Feaster, Daniel Gutierrez, Maren Hamilton, Allie Hansen, Mike Hermes, Lauren Hubbard, Maci Lemmon, Emily Mesa, Caitlin Miller, Justin Phelps, Abby Reese, Tiffiny Sakahara, Juan Sanchez, Lea Sharp, Ayden Smith, Cole Veloz, Alyssa Villarreal, Ian Wright, Katherine Young, Hannah Zeller

Level IV: Andrea Beasley, Gabrielle Black, Peyton Davis, Torey Kennedy, Bailey Pray, Matt Ryan

Level V: Amelia Anderson

These students are taught by Dawn Buchelli and D'Ann Hervada.

The Arts

District Congressional Art Competition

Congratulations to Caroline Velek and Brooke Langston for placing in the 14th District Congressional Art Competition. Congressman Randy Weber awarded 2nd place to Caroline's drawing of two horses, and 3rd place to Brooke's drawing of a cow. Eight high school's entered artwork, so this is an incredible achievement for these two young ladies!

VASE Competition

The State Art Event took place at Madison High School, in San Antonio. Our state competitors were Taylor Rudell, with a great photography piece, Lauren Fly with a beautiful mosaic painting and Kyle Dickens, with his three-dimensional two headed dragon. Kyle also won a State Gold Medal against some very tough competition! Congratulations to these hard working artists who competed against 37,000 original entries!!


Congratulations to our VANS Custom Culture team of FHS artists for advancing to the TOP 5 in the nation, out of 3,000 schools. They will travel to Los Angeles in June for the finals and for a chance to win $50,000 for our art department. Thanks to everyone for voting for our shoes! The art teachers who helped to sponsor this competition include Mandy Harris and Mary Wise​. Congratulations to all of these awesome art students who have participated in this competition:

  • Grace Cruse
  • Kyle Dickens
  • Jose Camacho
  • Makenzy Newsom
  • Emily Montes
  • Sophia Zehentner
  • Deniz Eren
  • Andy Nguyen
  • Clay Davis
  • Morgan Thatcher
  • Margaret Schatte
  • Zach Montz
  • Abigail Ardoin
  • Brooke Langston
  • Anna Chen
  • Emily Chao
  • Blake Bryant
  • Abigale Manchaca
  • Allie Massicott
  • Sallianne Roher
  • Morgan Massicott
  • Maddie Scott
  • Brittany Harris
  • Kenneth Sotto

TSFA Certifications

Congratulations to Kampbell Weiss, Elizabeth Farrell, Alex Carbone-Larson, and Yasmeen Moussaoui for receiving their Texas State Florists' Association High School Level 1 Certification! To receive this certification the student must pass a 100 question written exam, create a single rose boutonnière, and a triangular arrangement. Receiving the level 1 certification automatically qualifies the student as a TSFA student member and allows them to pursue the level 2 certification.

Band UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Success

The Friendswood High School Bands recently participated in the UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Evaluation at Clear Lake High School. The Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band I, each earned the UIL Sweepstakes Award signifying all Superior Ratings in Concert & Sight-Reading. The Concert Band II earned Superior Ratings in Concert and Excellent Ratings in Sight-Reading. The student's worked very hard the past 3.5 months and did a great job!

Here are some of the judges comments about the Wind Ensemble:

"Yours in one of the premier band programs in the state. Please don't ever take it for granted. Thank your outstanding teachers and keep raising the bar higher and higher. I greatly enjoyed hearing you!"

Another judge wrote: "What a joy to hear. I hope you both realize and appreciate the awesome thing that you have created! Bravo!!"

And another judge wrote: "This was just the best I have ever heard these pieces played! My sincere admiration and congratulations to you! Very inspiring!"


Mike Hermes-State High Jump Qualifier

Congratulations to Mike Herems on an outstanding track & field season this year. While he did not achieve the outcome hoped for in the 6A state meet, he represented Friendswood High School and Friendswood ISD well. And as only a sophomore, he hopes to learn from and build on this years accomplishments and do even bigger and things next year.

FHS Club Varsity Hockey Team

We want to acknowledge three of our current seniors who play on our high school club varsity hockey team. Our Pearland-Friendswood Consolidated (PFC) team brought home seven of the eleven possible awards, along with two scholarship awards. Those awards were given to our three seniors on the team! The boys were awarded the following:

Matt Mohr (Goalie):

  • 1000 Saves Club (over his high school career)

Bryce Henkels (Forward):

  • Most Playmakers for the season (three assists in a game) - tied with another player - see below
  • All ISHL First Team Varsity (awarded to three forwards, two defensemen, and one goalie)

Ryan Hopkins (Forward):

  • 100 Point Club - (combined points of goals and assists over his high school hockey career for a total of 113 points)
  • Most points in ISHL for this season
  • Most Playmakers
  • ISHL Offensive Player of the Year
  • All ISHL First Team Varsity (awarded to three forwards, two defensemen, and one goalie)
  • ISHL Scholarship Winner (three players received this award) - $1,000 scholarship
  • 21 Fund Houston Enforcers Hockey Scholarship - awarded for helping others - $500 scholarship (only one player received this scholarship)

New Wranglerette Officers

The Wranglerettes are pleased to announce their NEW OFFICERS!!!

Dance Officers:

  • Grand Marshal- Makenna Schneider
  • Marshal- Courntey Banfield
  • Deputy- Shelby Abel
  • Deputy- Emily Epperson
  • Deputy- Madeline Klump
  • Deputy- Payton Montemayor
  • Deputy- Caroline Velek

Social Officers:

  • President- Ashley Jezek
  • Vice President- Annie Clements
  • Vice President- Camryn Moore
  • Historian- Maddie Jenkins
  • Historian- Lauren Green
  • Secretary- Mae McAninch
  • Treasurer- Presley Wilson

National Signing Day

Congratulations to these students for signing with the following universities:


  • Jacob Crain – Concordia University

Lady Basketball

  • Theresa Eldridge – Aurora University


  • Andrew Briones – Newberry College
  • Logan Romano – Newberry College


  • Baily West – Graceland University


  • Michael Claunch – Missouri State University

Alumni News

FHS Alum Adrian Falco

FHS is proud to recognize alum, Adrian Falco. Adrian is studying biochemistry at Texas Tech, which has a program similar to PALS that matches screened students with students at a Title I elementary school. Adrian made some changes: he took the students he mentored in an academic direction. Under his tutelage, the 4th grader has memorized the first 60 entries in the periodic table. Adrian then began seeking scholarships for this student to attend an academic summer camp at Tech, and those efforts grown into the creation of a scholarship fund which will help many of these students attend these academic summer camps. Click below to watch the video "Honors College Mentoring Program Impacts Hundreds Of Local Elementary Students" which features Adrian.

Substitute of the Month

Congratulations to Lori Harvey, our May 2017 Substitute Teacher of the Month! Thank you for all that you do!

FHS wants to give a special thanks to all of our substitute teachers. Substitutes make a difference everyday for our students. They are committed to making a seamless bridge in the classroom environment when our teachers have to miss. They do a very important job and do it with Mustang Pride! Thanks to our Subs for all they do for our students!


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