The Painstaking life Of Earthworms

By: Jesh and Gerald


Earthworms live almost anywhere around the world. They can live in many different places like in trees, woods, rocks, near freshwater and many other environments. They live beneath the soil where it is dark, cool, and moist. They live under the soil for protection and to moisten their skin. Another things is that worms live close to where their food is located.


Because earthworms live underground, they have no space for outside body parts. So to sense stuff, they use sensitive cells. These cells don't show images but they show the amount of light intensity and light change. Also they have no lungs in their body so their skins act as lungs. The skin lets air pass through their skins. So that is why worms live in moist soil to get their skin damp. Finally the earthworms have no gender so an earthworm contains both male and female eggs. That means they could walk up to a random earthworm and reproduce.


Worms have two muscles underneath their skin with setae on their bodies to move. Worms do not have teeth, instead they have a muscular mouth to swallow dirt and decaying leaves. It goes through the worms body which is then stored in its “crop”. Worm poop has a lot of nutrients prefect for soil fertilizer. I helps a the plant to grow better and more stronger. The main source of food that worms eat are like dirt, grass, and decaying materials.They don’t have any eyes, nose, and ears so they have a nervous system that allows them to react with environmental stimuli like; vibration, temperature, moisture and light.