NCVPS Español 3

Week 10, April 2-8

Update con la Sra. Beverly Aguirre

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What is due this week?

We are working on Week 10, continuing with Unit 5, La Tecnología, working on lessons 3 & 4. (Lessons 1 & 2 should have already been submitted this past Friday, March 30 in order to stay on pace with the class.) There is no Final Project this week, just a Final Quiz for Unit 5.

Below is a list of this week's 8 assignments (due by Friday, April 6 @ 11:55pm).

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Students have 2 more opportunities to attend an RLC for Unit 5 this week. After the last RLC, I will post the link to my recording in the announcement . As always, students can contact me if they have questions or concerns.
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Just a Reminder!

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Culture Cafe for Extra Credit!

Students have 1 upcoming opportunity to attend a Culture Cafe for Extra Credit. The Culture Cafe does not have to be about Spanish.
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Please note that I cannot give grades in an email or text but will be glad to speak with you on the phone about your student's grade. I encourage you to enroll in our class as a CANVAS observer. As a CANVAS observer, you can see the daily announcements, read the feedback for your child's assignments and see his/her grades. (Keep in mind that I cannot enroll you in our class as I do not have your student's login information.)

I am currently in the process of communicating with parents about student progress.

Parents and facilitators can now download the Canvas Parent app in both the iTunes and Google Play stores

Parents and facilitators will need student login information to set up their parent accounts. This will have to come from the school. NCVPS cannot supply login credentials to parents or facilitators. Check with your school's e-learning advisor (ELA).

The Canvas Parent app is designed to provide visibility into a student's progress at a glance. Canvas Parent allows both parents and facilitators to:

  • View assignment descriptions and due dates
  • Set reminders for assignments
  • View assignment grades
  • View course grades
  • Set grade alerts
  • View course announcements

Here are several helpful links:

Canvas Parent Guide Overview

Canvas Parent Android Guide

Canvas Parent iOS Guide

Parents and facilitators can also use the Parent Portal online. Directions on how to use the portal are here.

Peer Tutor Center

As we move on through the semester, I want to encourage your student to check out the Peer Tutor Center! The PTC is a great resource available with students waiting to help or tutor your student.
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Beverly Aguirre