Casa View Counseling Deparment

Maria Alarcon, Counselor

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The Counseling Department believes that our students can succeed and become healthy, well rounded individuals. This means with our help, our students will have the academic and social skills needed to be college and career ready.

I care I help---Ms.Alarcon

Casa View Counseling Program

  • Student Services

Individual counseling

Group counseling

Guidance classes

Dealing with peer pressure and bullying

Building Self-esteem

Learning how to make healthy decisions

Managing feelings

Adjusting to a new school

Academic and personal goals

  • Parent Services

Parent consultations

Parent classes

Improving parent-child communications

Referral for community agencies/resources

Information to help understand your child's learning and behavior needs

Ways to help your child succeed at home or school

Working with your child's teacher

  • Teacher Services

Teacher consultations

Supporting student-teacher communication

Supporting student-teacher academic goals

Implement school-wide prevention programs e.g. Anti-bullying

Promote the importance of higher education

Provide assistance and interventions in a timely manner

Guidance Class Topics

Student Handbook/Orientation



No Bullying/Cyber Bullying


Higher Education/Career Awareness

Testing Anxiety


Group Counseling

Our plan is to provide students with skills they can use to further their academic and emotional goals that can help them at school and at home and provide them with the tools to be successful as adults. Some of the topics that are offered in group counseling are:

Study Skills

Social / Friendship Skills


Anger Management

Testing Anxiety

Parent Classes

Parents are welcome to attend these informational sessions. Our goal is to assist you in improving your knowledge and skills in how best to help your child academically and emotionally. Some of the topics offered at Casa View are:

  • Casa View Counseling Program
  • Dallas ISD Student Code of Conduct
  • Red Ribbon Parent Awareness
  • Anti-Bullying Parent Awareness
  • Higher Education

Six Pillars of Character

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What can you do

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Higher Education

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SEL Program

Students at Casa View learn how to help themselves relax. It all starts with understanding how the brain works. It works to protect us but sometimes we need to train our brain to be able to relax when things get difficult or frustrating. Mediation can be a great tool to assist students in maintaining a healthy outlook on things.
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Casa View Elementary

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