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April 20 - 24

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How to Translate Google Chrome and Schoology (Cómo traducir Google Chrome y Schoology)


Language Arts

Week Three is live on Schoology! We will continue to explore the life and legacy of Anne Frank. This week, we will be reading two entries from her diary, taking a virtual tour of the "Secret Annex" and writing one diary entry. Grades have been updated on Skyward. If it indicates that you have missing work, you are able to complete and submit the work at any time. Remember, I am here for you if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever---don't hesitate to reach out!

U.S. History

Team 10 parents,

As we quickly began to move through our Civil War unit, I was once again impressed by your students for their efforts and attitudes towards this whole process. A vast majority of students are continuing to turn in high quality work. Our students are choosing this time to be successful.

With the Civil War (and an Civil War timeline 80% assignment) behind us, we will move in to the era of Reconstruction. This time period lasted from 1865-1877 and focuses on the American South, where many fought for and against the equal treatment of African-Americans. The time period began a spark that lead to the well-known Civil Rights movement in the 1900's.

Afterwards we will move on to see what's out West.


This week, we will finish our lessons on real numbers and begin our study of the Pythagorean Theorem.

This week's online lessons:

Monday--Real numbers study guide

Tuesday--Real numbers quiz (this is an 80% grade)

Wednesday--Introduce the vocabulary & relationships

Thursday--Pythagorean Theorem i-Ready lesson (this one is a 20% grade)

Friday--Finding the hypotenuse length

If you have any questions or concerns about math class, please email me at shannonjones@usd475.org, call my classroom phone (717-4465) or call/text my Google Voice phone (350-6716).


During the week of April 20th - April 24th, we will continue to cover genetics.

Monday/Tuesday: Students will do a lesson to practice using Punnett Squares and calculating genotypic and phenotypic ratios. This will be an ungraded lesson.

Wednesday-Friday: Students will do an 80% assignment that involves Punnett Squares, genotypic ratios, and phenotypic ratios.

The topics for the Health and Human Sexuality Unit:

  • Smoking and Vaping
  • Substance Abuse (Alcohol and Other Drugs)
  • Summer Safety Tips
  • Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases
  • Consent Laws

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: sarahpeterson@usd475.org

Or contact me by phone at: 620-878-0671

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