Sales Manager

By Chloe Paskins

About the job:

A sales manager is in charge of the sales department of a business. They are someone who leads a team into organization. They also set sales goals and quotas, build a plan, analyze data, and assign territories. A sales manager, on average in the US, makes roughly $75,000 per year. This job involves working in offices, sometimes working at home, working with other people, being on the computer, and using the phone. The best type of people for this job should be modest, conscientiousness, organized, achievement oriented, strategic, and responsible.


Most of the time, a bachelor's degree is required, and sometimes a master's degree. Computer skills and previous experiences are helpful to have. To have a major in business law, management, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, marketing, and statistics are most beneficial for this job.To train for this job, you can join a program, take internships, buy a book, or ask a mentor for help.