The mouse and the eagle

Jack G.

One day there was a tiny mouse, trotting across a field. An eagle then landed in front of the mouse and said "Hello mouse." The mouse said hello back to be polite and kind, then the eagle asked if the mouse could come and eat at the eagles nest. The mouse said "sure!" and the eagle went on his way to his nest to wait for the mouse that night, but the mouse never came.

The next day the eagle saw the mouse, trotting through the field as usual. The eagle then asked the mouse why he had not come to eat with him last night. The mouse replied "I'm not that foolish eagle. I knew what your real intentions would be, so I didn't go." Then the mouse went on his way through the field. The eagle then flew above him, embarrassed and humiliated. The eagle knew he wasn't going to have dinner with the mouse, he was going to have the mouse for dinner. The eagle and the mouse never saw each other again.

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