Summer Of Science

Fishing Trip

Life Science Fishing

My fishing trip is part of life science. This is because we caught many fish, all that were alive, except for the grouper that got bitten in half by a shark. The trip didn't have any other types of science because all of the fish were alive and they were solids.

Interesting Parts

To be honest, I thought the whole trip was awesome, everything from the one hour ride out to the spot to catching the fish. It was tons of fun, because as soon as you dropped the bait 100 feet down to the bottom, I would get a bit instantly, and it was usually about a five pound red grouper. But on other drops I caught things like lane snappers, porgies, and other types of fish. However, my dad caught the best fish, because he caught a three foot grey reef shark and two 150 pound nurse sharks.

Things About Myself

I have a few things you should know about me. One is that I'm very sporty and love going outside, to do whatever. Sometimes I go outside to do my homework just because it gets too boring inside. Another thing you should know about me is that I'm a visual learner and I learn best when I'm participating. One last thing you should know about me is that my parents are divorced. It doesn't effect me really at all, but it's something that I tell most of my teachers.