Past Lives

Why do we come back?


There has been who said or other people who said they have had a past life. One was about this little girl she was going visit her great aunt, but when she got there she knew her great aunts roommate (Klemp, 2003). She keep on saying I knew you from when you were young (Klemp, 2003). Another kid that has a past life is James (Past life evidence, 2010). In his past life he was a pilot in one of the wars (past life evidence, 2010). He would have nightmares about dying again (Past life evidence, 2010).

Research and Resons

In the past few years quite a few people say they have past lives. They remember doing something too and if they do something that they liked to do in a past life like swimming or flying a kite could jog back some memories. Like some people are afriad of heights because they died in a fall in a past life (Winington, 2016).

Most Comman Theories

There are a TON of theories out there like if you did someing bad in a past life and you would come back and just have karma your whole life (Winington, 2016). Some people think it's another chance at life (Klemp, 2003). The last theory, that I think makes the most sense, is the soul continues to learn life leasons (Winington, 2016).

Why the Theory Works out

The reason why the theory, the soul continues to learn life leasons, makes the most sense is beacuse in each life we go through hard stuff. EVERYONE does. When were going through that hard time our soul has been living and living is learn just one more life leason that is going to be there forever.


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