Cain & Abel

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Dear Parents

Thank you for continuing this journey of The Gospel Project for Kids. Today’s Bible story shows how deeply sin infected Adam and Eve’s children. Imagine Adam and Eve’s joy as their family grew. With each birth, maybe Eve hoped that this son would be the one to end the curse of sin, to crush the head of the snake. (Gen. 3:15) But as her sons Cain and Abel grew up, she and Adam probably witnessed with grief how sin affects their own children. Cain was not the Promised One, and neither was Abel. Out of jealousy and anger, Cain killed Abel. God punished Cain by sending him away to wander the earth.

Some time later, Eve gave birth to another son. She named this baby Seth. Seth was not the Promised One either, but Jesus would come from Seth’s descendants. (See Luke 3:23-38.) Every baby was born a sinner —like his parents and like Adam and Eve. At just the right time, God would send His Son to be born to save sinners. (Heb. 11:13; Gal. 4:4) God always keeps His promises.

Unit Key Passage

1 Corinthians 8:6
... yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.

Unit 1 Session 4

Bible Passage: Genesis 4:1-16, 25-26
Main Point: God punished Cain for his sin.
Big Picture Question: What is sin?
~ Sin is breaking God's law
Christ connection: God had promised that someone from Eve's family would take away sin. Cain was not that person. He was sinful like Adam and Eve. So people waited for God to keep His promise. At just that right time, God would send His Son, Jesus, to rescue sinners.


(Ages 2& 3)

Aloha families, praise God for all that He is doing in your little one's hearts. It is truly a blessing to witness how each of them express their joy for the Lord in their own unique ways from putting their hands in the air to doing their rendition of the hand motions to singing with all their heart to their loving Father in heaven. This week we emphasized the consequences of sin and the hard truth that we are all sinners but praise God that it is not the end, God sent His son Jesus to forgive us for our sins. Sin can be a hard topic to talk about with your little ones so we have shared a link below that we as teachers found helpful in talking to your children about sin.

- Kiersten, Kula, & Darrah

Younger Elementary

(Ages 4-6)

Aloha parents! As we took a deep look into Cain and Abel's story today, we were reminded of how ugly sin is. We reiterated that sin separates people from God, but Jesus closes that gap when we accept His free gift of forgiveness. Though your children are still young, I pray that they grow to understand how beautiful that truth is. It is an honor to get to share God's holy word with your keiki and I look forward to next week!

- Aletheia & Britany

Older Elementary

(Ages 7-11)

Good morning, good evening, and goodnight families. Again, we just thank you so much for your faithfulness to the church and allowing us to come along side you guys for 2% of the week. This past week we dove in deeper of "i" being the center of S-i-N and that sin is really anything where the focus is not Christ. A new thing we emphasized on was "What does God truly see as a righteous and good offering/sacrifice?" Please encourage to continue daily repentance and asking for forgiveness because of what sin has caused our Savior to endure. Love and Blessings!

Psalm 51:16 & Romans 12:1-2 (These are the two verses that we emphasized on the question of "What is a righteous offering to the Lord?"

- Bronson, Nick, & Shannon

Parent Date Night!

We are So thankful for being able to hear about how blessed each of you parents were by the date night. Thank God that He brought to fruit the vision that we had for date night, for unity and to display Christ love. It is our joy to partner with you and encourage and support your marriages by providing these date nights. (Matt 19:6) "What God has joined together let no man separate."

We will be having date night every last Saturday of the Month. We look forward to serving you and your families.

- Kula

Interactive Bible


You can purchased your Interactive bible from Britnay in the Younger Elementary classroom either before or after service.

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